16 Cool Makeup Ideas For A Quirky And Funky Prom Look

It’s understandable that people want to keep their prom looks as traditional as possible. After all, it’s a formal affair, not a rave or a house party. It’s not exactly the body-con mini wiggle dress type of event, and that’s okay! Hell, it’s fun to get fancy every now and then, right? But still, you can look regal AF without looking stuffy, and you can look formal without looking cookie cutter. While an edgy prom outfit might be the ultimate way to break the mold with your prom look, it’s not a necessity. You can pull all the stops with your makeup instead.

Whether you want to contrast your traditional prom attire with something a little unique, or you want to compliment your quirky prom outfit with another layer of quirk, going for a bold makeup look might be the way to go. I’m not talking full on drag makeup levels of intensity (though if you want to do that, hey, go for it!), but even something like a bold eyeshadow color, extreme blush, or a killer glow can set you apart from the folks going for a dainty makeup look for prom. From red eyeshadow to ’60s inspired mascara, check out these 16 makeup ideas for a quirky and funky prom look.

1. Take the plunge and rock a red eye makeup look. Red eye makeup looks beautifully rich against dark skin, but it can also pull off a formal goth AF look on all skin types (including pale skin!) if your prom getup consists of a lot of black.


2. Go for a graphic eye makeup look to make a bold yet minimalist statement.


3. Glitter lips can easily go overboard, but you can avoid this by gently dusting ultra fine glitter onto fresh lipstick. The finer, the better. And use a brush if you can because with fingers you can get a little heavy handed.


4. Go full ’80s prom with an intense blush. For an even more ’80s prom look, pair it with equally bold eye makeup and lipstick.


5. Gloss is back, and not just for lips! Give your eyes the glossy treatment for a dewy look.


6. Go ultra bold yet chic with some regal face paint with a minimalist touch. A gold color will compliment formal attire really nicely. 


7. Rock a black lip for the ultimate eff you prom look. This will look great with an all black ensemble and will look a little less intense if you keep the rest of your makeup light.


8. Color your eyebrows for a little something different; if you can match or contrast it to your dyed hair, even better!


9. So many people are going to rock classic Instagram makeup, complete with a killer highlight, but you can kick it up a notch and stand out more with a holographic highlight instead. 


10. If you want to just do a lil’ something unique with your look, consider rocking two different yet complimentary lipstick colors, like orange and pink, or red and magenta. You can fill in each lip a different color or fill the center of your lips one color and the rest, another. Get creative!


11. If you love glitter, why not go all out with it? With the help of skin safe glue (think lash clue), sprinkle your face with glitter. You can do an all over look or keep it concentrated to your eye area.


12. Blue makeup gets such a bad rap! Give it a try, though, because you might just fall in love with it. Throw in a couple of dots like the look below for added charm.


13. Why rock one eyeliner color when you can rock two or more? Give your eyes a killer accent with some striking eyeliner colors, like bold blues and greens as well as pastel yellows and purples.


14. Rock some fake freckles for prom for a cute, sun-kissed look.


15. Go bold with accent makeup in vivid colors; the corner of your eyes are a great place to start, but also consider going for the lip and brow area as well.


16. Make an ode to retro with a Twiggy/mod makeup look; it’s bold without looking like you’re making an effort to go bold.


Would you try any of these makeup looks for your prom or another formal event? Tell us in the comments!

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