What Sign You Should Date, According To Your Sign

You might be thinking to yourself, hey, I’m a badass lady who doesn’t need anyone else to validate me.. but it would be cool to date someone right now. I get it, there isn’t anything bad about wanting to date people, even if you’re loving your single life. We all love getting attention and being loved, it’s a pretty cool feelings, TBH. But, it can be hard to find the RIGHT person to start dating. I mean, you can just go through your yearbook, pick out a cute boy or girl and and them to hang, but why leave such an important decision be chance? You want to be sure to pick someone who is good (and who will probably actually like you back). But…how TF do you do that?! It’s actually easy: check your signs.

If you’re new to the whole horoscope/signs thing, it can be pretty intimidating. But, it’s not that hard to get into! Once you learn your characteristics, you will learn who you are compatible with and who you should actually stay away from. Obviously, not all of these are concrete, and if you have a crush on someone who ISN’T compatible with you, it doesn’t mean you are doomed. These are merely some suggestions on who you will have a great and strong relationship, based on your sign. So take a look at what sign you should be dating!

What sign are you most compatible with? Tell us in the comments!

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