16 Pretty Makeup Looks To Show Off Your Freckles

Let me guess: If you have freckles, you probably hate them, right? You probably wish that you had anything but them? As someone who has a sole beauty mark on her cheek, I wish that I had freckles. That’s always the way it goes. You might not think so, but freckles are cute, youthful, and simply beautiful. And if you have them, you should own them. After all, there is a reason why people actually draw freckles on themselves.

Instead of covering up those stunning freckles, choose other beauty products that show them off. Or choose different colored eye and lip products that will actually bring out the color of your freckles. If you’re not sure, please give a few of the looks a try, for me. You might just have a whole new appreciation for your freckles at the end of it. Besides, what do you really have to lose? Without further ado, check out 16 makeup looks that will help you show off your gorgeous freckles.
1. If you freckles are concentrated on your cheeks, enhance them with a bold blush. Choose a sheer formula so your beauty marks will still show through.



2. Are you looking for a bit for coverage, but you don’t want to hide your freckles? Look for a tinted moisturizer or “dilute” a foundation with moisturizer. A glossy lip and a bit of blush complete the natural look.



3. Love the hat, but those freckles are so cute. Resist the urge to always use mascara and try just applying black eyeliner to your peepers. Then add a pop of color with a pink lipstick.



4. You might think that a bold lipstick color would take away from your freckles, but this look is proof that it doesn’t.



5. Add just a lick of mascara and a whisper of pink blush and you have a gorgeous “no makeup” makeup look that will show off your freckles.




6. Choose a lipstick a few shades brighter than your natural lip color and dab it on with your finger. Then leave the rest of our face au naturel.



7. Blush isn’t the only way to draw attention to your freckles. Try some highlighter and contouring on your cheekbones. Bam.




8. Don’t be afraid of an all-over wash of color to your face. This bronzer and bright lip shows how pretty the look can be.



9. Let your freckles do the talking by experimenting with a nude lippie.



10. A muted pink lipstick a few shades darker than your natural lip color is sometimes the only thing you need.



11. Make those freckles pop with a swipe of glitter on your cheekbones. Finish things off with a metallic lipstick because more sparkle is always better.



12. When it comes to choosing products that will play up your freckles, sheer washes of neutral shades like brown are where it is at.



13. There really is no bad time for a red lipstick. A red lip plus freckles equals gorgeous.



14. No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, this look will work. Apply black mascara to your top lashes only. Wiggle the brush so your lashes clump together a bit. It sounds like it would be bad, but it’s actually a very pretty look.



15. Flicks and freckles make a gorgeous combination. Add in a matte lipstick in a rich red and you have a harmonious beauty look.



16. Are your freckles on the brown side? Enhance their color with a brown-tinged red lipstick. Then throw in some winged eyeliner just because.



Do you have freckles? How do you show them off? Let us know in the comments!

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How I Grew To Love My Freckles

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