8 Little Signs Your Relationship Is Going To Last

If you’re ever been in an “I don’t want labels, but I do want validation and love” type of situation, it can be hard to know if that is actually “real.” When I say real, I don’t mean a “we are going to be together forever” type of relationship, I just mean a relationship that is fun and makes you happy, all while still being healthy and mature. It can be hard to know if your relationship is going to last (at least for a bit), or if it’s just a fling that will burn out in a month. If that’s what you want then that’s fine! It’s just good for you to know these things. But, how do you know them? It’s pretty simple: learn the green flags.

Recently, I came across an interesting Reddit thread titled, “What are some green flags in a relationship?” I found that to be pretty cool, since I had only ever heard to term “red flag” AKA the reason you should dump someone ASAP. But, apparently, a green flag is a sign that what you have is stable and mature, which can be very important to some people who feel the need to be secure in a relationship. If you are one of those people, take a look at these green flags that show that your relationships is for real.

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