19 Unexpectedly Cool Ways To Wear A Fanny Pack

I bet you never thought you’d see the day where designers are making fanny packs and selling them for hundreds of dollars, but here we are. You know what I’m talking about: those mom-on-the-go-vacation-bags your parents might strap around their waist when they go out, especially if they’re going to Disney World. Fanny packs were really big in the ’80s and early ’90s, and they were usually bright and made of a horrible nylon windbreaker material. Looking at the old ones makes it easy to see why someone would be surprised that people actually want them again. But fanny packs are back, and believe it or not, there are some unexpectedly cool ways to wear them.

Of course, designers know how strongly we associate fanny packs with being wildly uncool, so you may have heard them called “belt bags” or something like that. I honestly don’t care what people say, a fanny pack is a fanny pack. You don’t have to be a total hipster and wear one from the ’80s ironically, you can just… wear it. Like anything else, it all depends on how you style it. Honestly, if you want to, you can rock a trash bag if you know how to to tie it right and wear the right shoes. Sometimes you just don’t want to have your bag on your shoulder, and that’s fine. Fanny packs are for everybody. Don’t let anything stop you from wearing what you want! If you need some inspiration, these are 19 ways to wear a fanny pack without looking like your mom.

1) Pick a really modern looking fanny pack, one that almost looks like you just tucked it into your waistband.



No big deal right? It’s not a bad look. It’s perfect with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.


2) Wear a camel colored fanny pack with a button down for an easy breezy preppy look.



The fanny pack isn’t too bulky so it won’t overwhelm the outfit and you’ll definitely still look very put together.


3) Go for something bright, like this purple pastel.



Something bright and colorful but not too vintage looking is fun and stands out.


4) Match your leather fanny pack to your leather boots for an edgy-casual look.



Leather automatically makes your fanny pack way more chic.


5) Opt for a fanny pack with some embellishments, like a tassel. 



Small details keep fanny packs looking trendy not cheesy.


6) Wear a metallic fanny pack over a blouse-y maxi dress.



I know it’s a belt bag, but you wear belts with dresses, right? Why not fanny packs, too? How cool does this look?


7) Wear a slouchy fanny pack with a big sweater and oversized shades for a perfect weekend outfit.



It also blends perfectly with the rest of the outfit without looking too matchy-matchy.


8) Fanny packs even look great worn backwards.



Now, it looks like a sporty utility belt instead of a styled bag even though this is somehow totally fashionable. Fanny packs are just really versatile, you guys.


9) Sling a vintage fanny pack across your shoulder with a bold print and sneakers.



Turn your fanny pack into a short crossbody style by putting it over your shoulder.


10) Are you ready for a game changer? High waisted fanny packs that cinch your waist, you guys.



It really brings this cotton dress together! I’ve never seen a fanny pack complete a look like this. If you’re a no-shame hipster, feel free to nab a structured fanny pack and pair it with some loose fabric because this is too perfect not to copy. How does this not look bulky? Magic?


11) Wear a leather fanny pack with a detailed chain to make the “belt” in belt bag really stand out.



Still sticking with the high waisted fanny pack! I’m not even mad – the monochrome black-on-black makes this look classic even though I’m sure none of us thought to wear a fanny pack with a little black dress, and yet…


12) If bags just straight up aren’t your thing, consider this strap-on pocket.



You know, for that extra room we don’t get in women’s clothing. The fringe is really fun and it’s low-key enough to blend in with the rest of any casual outfit.


13) Give off some serious rocker girl vibes with a fringe fanny pack and some dark sunglasses.



If you’re also sitting here scratching your head wondering how a fanny pack could ever look so effortlessly chic and cool, I’m right there with you. It somehow works perfectly!


14) Edge it up by wearing a metallic fanny pack with a leather jacket.



I love the sneakers with this outfit, too. The nautical stripes keep this in-season for warmer weather and still put-together.


15) If you still want to keep the ’80s alive on purpose with your fanny pack, wear it with an oversized windbreaker.



But wear your fanny pack as a shoulder bag if you want something else to be the main focus of your outfit. You can still be throwback-modern with this look without looking like you’re wearing a costume.


16) A utilitarian hip-bag worn on the side instead of right in front of you makes a fanny pack more of a modern messenger bag.



The fun print doesn’t hurt either. Honestly, if you look at this really quickly, wouldn’t you think it’s just another shoulder bag?


17) If your style is more western or boho, consider ditching the classic fanny pack style and going for these pocket pouches.



Still a fanny pack! Think of it as a modern holster… but like, for your phone and debit card. If you’re self conscious about the pouch-ness of a fanny pack, there are alternatives that are way less bulky and function more like a belt, like this.


18) Keep it cute and fun with these patches.



If you feel cheesy wearing patches any other way, a fanny pack would be a good way to start. Of course fanny packs are perfect for funny patches. Edgy, sweet, and too cool to ever be cheesy.


19) Or you can go full mermaid and rock some sequins!



Who’s going to stop you? You can’t possibly wear a fanny pack and not have a sense of humor, so if you want to look like a hip Ariel-with-legs, go for it.

Would you be caught dead in a fanny pack or do you already own a thousand of them? Let us know in the comments!

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