7 Weird Ways Exercising Affects Your Vagina

Now that it is almost summer, you might actually start exercising over the next few months. You know, going to a leisurely bike ride, doing some yoga, or running past your crush’s house every day to see if they notice you. Not because you should be losing weight because you’re perfect (duh) but because the warmer weather might inspire you to carpe diem and get some fresh air and a little run or workout in. That’s good! Exercising is actually really good for you and you should do it if you want, especially if it’s nice and warm outside. BUT, as with anything ever, you should be sure to research what exercising can do to your body. Specifically, what it can do to your vagina. And TBH, it can do some pretty annoying things.

I know it’s not really something you think about, but your workout routine can actually affect your vagina, in both good and bad ways. Unfortunately, most of them are bad ways, so it’s even more important to do a little research before you head out on a run or make your way to the gym. You really don’t want to get hurt down there! If you’re looking to jumpstart your summer workout routine, be sure to check out these weird and random ways exercising can affect your vagina.

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