15 Random Things That Make Amazing Beauty Tools

The internet loves makeup and it also loves wacky things. So when you combine doing your makeup with “weird” beauty tools, you usually have a viral video on your hands. While some of them make me sigh out loud and roll my eyes, I do have to admit that there actually are some “unconventional” products out there that make doing your makeup easier.

Perhaps it’s my practical side that it appeals to. Who doesn’t love making use of something that they thought they had no use for? Or maybe it’s the fact that I find it hard to stomach paying $20 or more for a single makeup brush so I’m willing to look for alternatives. The point is there are other options besides your standard blenders, sponges, and makeup rushes to paint your face with. And they’re actually good.

Of course if you’re going to be using something that isn’t typically meant for your face on said face, you need to make sure that it’s safe to be doing it. You don’t want to irritate your skin and you obviously don’t want to seriously injure yourself. So, that means staying away from the ridiculous stuff like stilettos and knives.

If you’re still not convinced about this whole random beauty tools business, take a look at 15 “weird” things that actually make amazing beauty tools.

1. Tape


When you think about it, what can’t a humble roll of tape solve? It can help mend countless things around the house and it can also work great in your beauty routine. People have been using it as a guide to get a crisp eyeliner flick and for a sharp contouring line.


2. Tweezers


Tweezers aren’t just for plucking your brows. They’re also for your makeup application. Use your tweezers as a guide for where you want your smokey eye to end. You can also use the side to help you create a straight cat eye. Just remember to keep the sharp end away from your peepers.


3. Spoon


A spoon was one of the first objects that kicked off the whole “What household items can we use to do our makeup with” trend. A spoon is particularly brilliant because you can use the handle to create straight lines and you can use the rounded end to create flawless curves. Think on your lips.


4. Floss


Save some of that floss for times when you’re not brushing your teeth. Floss is great as a template for straight lines. And because it’s flexible, you can create any shape out of it and use that as a guide. Just make sure you’re not using a mint-flavored one. You don’t want your face to smell minty fresh nor do you want that refreshing feeling in your eyes. Ouch.


5. Paintbrushes


Paintbrushes are hardly that unconventional compared to some of the other items on the list, but they’re still worth pointing out. Fun fact: A lot of makeup artists actually use paintbrushes when they can’t find makeup brushes they like. They sometimes cut them into their desired shape, too.


6. Guitar Pick

Scratching your head with this one? Well, the size and shape of a guitar pick makes it a brilliant tool for creating straight and symmetrical cat eyes. Fun fact: Eyeko even has its own eyeliner guide that closely reassembles a guitar pick.


7. Tampons


I’ve lost you now, haven’t I? You might have seen videos on this one. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but a tampon can actually be a great substitute for a cotton pad or a sponge. It’s small, rounded shape also makes it good for getting into hard-to-reach areas like around your nose.


8. Toothbrush

A toothbrush is actually a very versatile one. And when you think about it, it’s not that different compared to traditional makeup brushes. Use the handle for creating straight lines. And you can even experiment with using the brush to apply different facial products like blush and foundation. Just make sure you have separate toothbrushes for doing your teeth and for doing your makeup. And make sure you avoid the eye area.


9. Sock


A sock equals a budget-friendly makeup blender. You can scrunch it up or even cut it into the desired shape that you want. And it actually gives you a professional-looking foundation finish. Needless to say, don’t use one that has already been on your stinky foot.


10. Floss Pick


This might sound super specific but a floss pick is just the right size and shape for creating ace eyeliner. You can create various cat eyes in all different thicknesses thanks to the handy tool.


11. Pastry Brush


If you want to try using a pastry brush for your makeup, note that the bristled kind is normally better than the silicone one thanks to the finer bristles. Use the brush for covering large areas, like when you’re applying foundation or when you want to cover your entire body in glitter.


12. Fork



A fork is similar to a spoon. It makes a handy beauty tool (pun intended) thanks to its long, flat handle. However, you need to watch out for those prongs. If you’re clumsy, the spoon may be better.


13. Maxi Pads


Who would have thought that new feminine hygiene products could be repurposed into beauty tools? Not me. However, a maxi pad can become a great product for applying foundation, blush, and bronzer. FYI: It really doesn’t matter whether you’re using a light days pad or a heavy flow one.


14. Kitchen Sponge


No makeup sponges on hand? Try a kitchen sponge. Almost any one will work. However, you will want to stay away from any of the wiry ones because they’re not great with creating an even finish and they’re not the kindest on sensitive skin.


15. Emery Boards

How many unused emery boards do you have taking up space? Turn one of them into a versatile beauty tool. The rounded edges are helpful for lining your lips while the straight sides are great for eyeliner applications.


What other “weird” beauty tools do you use to do your makeup with? Let us know in the comments!

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