The 10 Most Surprising Things About A Penis You’ll Notice The First Time You See One

For many girls, seeing a penis for the very first time can be a bit of a surprising experience – much like seeing a vagina for the first time can be surprising to guys. Even if you’ve seen photos, looked at medical graphics, or watched porn, the real thing is always different. Since women with vaginas don’t have penises, we don’t totally know what to expect, and the amount of myths and urban legends out there can make things even more complicated.

When I was in eighth school, my friends and I spent one sleepover talking about what a penis might look like. None of us had seen a real one in action before, and the thought of one made us feel nervous, anxious, weirded out, and very giggly. We were all pretty convinced that when a penis got hard, it stuck straight out, and we couldn’t understand how sex could be possible, let alone comfortable. We didn’t realize that the penis can curve upwards when it’s hard, which, for penetrative sex, makes a whole lot more sense.

We all have one of those stories, and maybe you haven’t seen a penis yet and you’re totally freaked out by the thought of it! To ease your nerves, check out this Ask Reddit thread – women revealed the first things they noticed about a penis when they first saw one. Here are some surprising things you’ll notice about penises that aren’t as scary as you think.

It's Really Soft

Penises can get hard and they seem almost like these tough objects that deal with a lot of, uh, humping and pumping - so you might be surprised to find out that they are very, very soft. User Sand_Dargon said, "The skin is so soft. Like velvet or puppy fur. Cruella should have gotten a penis skin coat instead." I don't know about a penis skin coat, but she makes a point!

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Sperm Doesn't Taste Great

If you've ever wondered about the question "spit or swallow?" then you'll want to read this. Does ejaculate taste okay, or is it as horrible as it seems? User AtTheEolian says she was surprised by, "How awful cum tastes ugh. No problem with a penis at all, they taste like person. Cum was like surprise bleach drowning. Like the inside part of a tomato. It's perfectly natural but clearly not meant for tasting."

It's important to note, though, that ejaculate reflects a person's diet. Someone who eats a lot of red meat and bad foods will have a different taste than someone who eats a lot of vegetables and healthier options.

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Balls Move Around A Lot

Forget about the shaft - what about the testicles? Balls are another thing to think about when going down on a dude. User horror_threadkiller says, "I remember being so fascinated that balls are just constantly...moving. I'd watch my BFs balls just shrink and grow and shrink right in front of my eyes. Totally bewildered me. Frankly, still does."

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Guys Can Make Them Move Without Touching Them

You might imagine an erect penis as a hard thing that is super rigid. It's not! As user pikachudrunk says, one of the most surprising things you'll notice is, "That guys can essentially make them bob. The guy I lost my virginity to moved it while we were laying there and I thought it was the funniest thing ever."

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It Really, REALLY Grows

If you've ever seen a porn with a fully erect penis, you might wonder how dudes can manage to walk around all day with those things in their pants. Well, one, don't compare a real life penis to penis in porn. And number two, those things get tiny. User hgdusnjjv883 says she was surprised by, "The size difference between erect and flaccid. My first was definitely a grower... talking like 3 inches flaccid and at least 7 erect. It was mind blowing!"

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They Are Very Veiny

There's not much to say about this one except for what user maryjanesandbobbysox noticed: "How veiny they are. I have no idea why I thought they'd be smooth."

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The Penis Moves When Orgasming

Maybe you've always wondered what a penis does when stuff is coming out of it. Well, uh, it kind of moves. User AtTheEolian says they were surprised by, "Penis convulsions during orgasm. I didn't realize it moved around so much!"

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The Balls Really Feel Like, Well... Balls

Let's get back to balls, though, because they're pretty cool. User ireallywishiwascool says, "Ok this is not about the penis itself, but balls actually feel like balls! It sounds stupid, but I didn't imagine them to feel like small squishy balls in a sack. I'm pretty sure that's dumb but I'm still fascinated by them to this day because I'm a child."

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It Moves Even When Hard

And again, don't make the mistake my friends and I made when we assumed that a hard penis was totally rigid. User Apayan says, "For some reason I thought a boner would make it totally immobile, like stuck out perpendicular. I was surprised that you could still flop it back and forth when hard. I also didn't really understand how foreskin worked until I saw it in person."

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They Look Really Weird

At the end of the day, it has to be said: penises are weird. They look weird and they always will. User Deliriums_antisocial says, "That it's the most awkward looking thing imaginable. I mean, it's this jutting, throbbing arm thing just boink! out of nowhere. Also that they're terribly unattractive overall. Not the men attached to them, just them by themselves, not a very sexy appendage. Built for function I guess. Surprised me though."

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What did you notice the first time you saw a penis? What are you nervous about if you haven’t seen one yet? Share in the comments!

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