Quiz: What Does Your Crush Like Best About You?

If you have a crush, chances are good that you spend a lot of your time–whether voluntarily or involuntarily–thinking about what you like best about them. Maybe it’s their eyes. Maybe it’s their hair. Or maybe it’s their sense of humor, or their style savvy, or their smarts. The point is, you like them, and even if you aren’t totally sure why you like them, you probably know on some level what you secretly like best about them. (Which, incidentally, happens to be the one of their features you’re planning on crafting an adorable pet name out of when the two of you start dating and get married and have lots of babies one day.)


Anyway. If you like them, it’s not so out of the question that they might like you too, right? As you have probably already decided, you’re perfect for one another, so it’s only a matter of time before they realize it–that is, if they haven’t already. And, if they like you, they probably have something that they like best about you too. Take this quiz to find out what it is:

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