19 Fun Ways To Style Afro Textured Hair For Prom

Growing up, it was damn near impossible for me to read a magazine or go on a style website and see people with my hair type represented. Nobody was giving tips to black girls about how to do their hair. It was like we didn’t exist, it was like nobody with curly, coarse, kinky, afro-textured natural hair existed at all. And even if your hair was straightened, the tips were still unsuitable for your hair type.

Now, the game has changed pretty significantly. There are countless YouTube tutorials and entire Instagram accounts dedicated to black hair, and–gasp–you can even see people with natural hair in magazines and commercials! But if you type in “prom hair” into virtually any search engine, results for natural hair likely won’t crop up unless you do a lot of digging. Well, I’m here to do a little of the work for you. Check out these 19 cool prom hair styles for afro-textured natural hair. Whether you’ve got a teeny weeny afro or a lot of hair to work with, you’ll find something that works for you.

1. Whether your look is ultra boho or classic, you’ll look killer if you rock a fro filled with flowers. You can get some really nice looking faux ones from a craft store.


2. Dress up a fresh buzz or a TWA (teeny weeny afro) with some striking hair dye. 


3. Go for a classic look with an elegant low bun. Bonus points for a sweet headband.


4. Go for a little quirky and a little formal with this space buns and twist out duo. This is an ultra ’90s look that would look killer with a choker.


5. Try some regal AF bantu knots. Yes, bantu knots are often a mere preamble to a killer twist out, but done neatly, they can be a standalone hairstyle.


6. Compliment your TWA with a buzzed design. Keep it minimalist for a low key look or go all out for something a little more ostentatious.


7. If you’re going for an edgy prom look, consider rocking a curly faux hawk. This was done by separating the hair into three sections and using perma rods in each.


8. Top knots aren’t just for non-black hair, girl. Rock a fluffy top knot to prom by following the tutorial below!


9. Go low maintenance with a lot of color and elegance with a gorgeous headwrap for prom. 


10. Pair your prom dress with these afro buns for a look that’s playful yet formal.


11. Compliment your itty bitty afro with some headgear, like a tiara, bejeweled headband, or a flower crown.


12. Try this curl bun tutorial for the ultimate natural hair updo. This is perfect if your prom look is going to be ultra feminine.


13. Keep your look simple yet striking with a big ol’ afro puff/bun type situation. This is great if you don’t necessarily want your hair to take attention away from your dress or accessories.


14. This twist pin up look is great for those of you going for a very sophisticated look. Plus, you can take advantage of some gorgeous hair clips to complete the look.


15. Treat your hair to some defined curls with a classic twist out with some flexi rods or perma rods. This will look great whether your prom look is traditional or edgy.


16. Shave the sides of your fro for a killer shape up. This look benefits greatly from some awesome earrings.


17. Go full on princess with this gorgeous swirled braid crown. Check out the tutorial below!


18. Rock some natural cornrows for prom. People think that cornrows are ultra casual, but they absolutely can be glammed up with the right outfit.


19. Grab that pick and go for a full on afro for prom. Just make sure you add some sheen to it so it really glistens and looks absolutely killer.



What’s your go-to hairstyle when you’re at a formal event? Tell us in the comments!

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