15 Easy Ways To Keep Lipstick Off Your Teeth All Day

If you’ve ever worn lipstick before, you probably already know that there are a litany of issues that can go along with it. There’s bleeding. Cracks. Color selection issues. Then, of course, there’s that thing that happens when you look at yourself in the mirror, try to give yourself a smile, and see that there’s lipstick…all over your teeth. You know, like this:


And, I don’t know. I am not going to come right out and say that this looks bad, per se, because, I don’t know. Maybe you want to have lipstick on your teeth! (Perhaps you can think of it as a 2016 version of a tooth gem?) But I do feel comfortable saying that most people who choose to wear lipstick actually don’t like the way it looks when lipstick gets on the teeth. So, if you are one of those people, check out these easy ways to keep lipstick off your teeth all day:

1. Use primer:
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Obviously. It creates a texture on the lips that helps the lipstick stick and be less likely to transfer.

2. Try putting concealer on the lips before your lipstick:
If you don’t have any primer, you can try using concealer instead. This, like primer, creates a solid base and helps the lipstick stay put.

3. And/or lip liner:
Lip liner is a good way to prevent feathering (outside or inside the mouth), since it has a waxy texture that creates a sort of barrier for the lipstick.

4. Be careful with your lipstick formulas:
If you’ve known a certain lipstick brand to bleed around the corners of the mouth, it’s probably only a matter of time before it ends up on your teeth. So, just try to stick with your tried-and-true lipstick brands.

5. Make sure your lipstick isn’t expired:
Lipsticks are good for about two years. If you’ve had a tube longer than that, toss it–it’s more likely to bleed that way.

6. Don’t apply a ton of coats:
The more layers of lipstick you have, the more likely it is that it’ll end up on your teeth, since an excess of product will cause it to smear. Instead, try and stick with one coat at a time.

7. Do the “O” trick:
Form an “O” with your lips, stick your pointer finger in, and slowly pull it out. This looks vulgar, I think, but it really works, since you’re picking up any lipstick that might have otherwise ended up on your teeth.

8. Try a matte formula:

Matte lipsticks can be drying, but they’re less likely than other formulas to end up on the teeth, since it settles into the lips more than other types of lipstick. (I like Smith and Cult’s formulas, personally.)

9. Remember to blot:
For extra lipstick-sticking power, gently press a tissue to the mouth and dab a brush dipped in translucent powder over it. This absorbs any oils that might cause your lip color to run..

10. Reapply:
Yes, after you blot. You don’t have to go crazy with this (a lot of beauty bloggers recommend only doing the outer two-thirds of the lips), but this helps ensure that your color doesn’t get diluted.

11. Don’t eat super greasy foods:

Obviously, use your own discretion with this. If that slice of pizza is calling out for you, go for it. But food grease can work as a makeup remover, which means that eating something greasy will remove your makeup. Sloppily. So you’ll have lipstick residue all over your teeth.

12. Drink with a straw if you can:

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This is…high-maintenance. But if a straw is available to you, go ahead and use it whenever you’re wearing lipstick–this helps prevent an object like a cup touching your lipstick and transferring it to your teeth.

13. Reapply after you eat or drink:

You can minimize lipstick damage by not eating straight-up oil and drinking with straws. Still, no matter what you eat, chances are good that it’ll do some damage to your lipstick. So, just check quickly in the mirror after eating or drinking and see what’s going on there. Even if it’s nothing, you’ll feel better checking.

14. Make sure your lips are hydrated:

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Your lipstick isn’t going to bleed just because your lips are a little chapped, but it certainly isn’t going to help. Besides, lipstick looks better anyway if your lips are smooth, so make sure you’re using lip balm and drinking water to keep ’em that way. (Also a good life tip! Drink water, guys.)

15. Try a lip stain:

All this talk of lipstick on teeth putting you off lipstick altogether? Try a lip stain. True to its name, the product really does stain your lips and won’t slip and slide anywhere else on the mouth.

The color is a little less intense than what you would get with lipstick, but if you’re looking for some low-maintenance, non-toothy color, lip stain is what you want.


Do you wear lipstick a lot? Do you have any tips for wearing it? Let us know in the comments!

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15 Easy Ways To Start Wearing Lipstick Again

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