8 Weird Ways That Your Period Affects Your Relationship

As you might already know, your period does a lot more than just cause cramps, bloating, headaches, and general discomfort. It does all sorts of weird things to your skin, from causing acne to making it super dry. It can make you poop more, it can mess with your stomach, and it can, of course, drastically change your mood. That brings us to the other annoying side effect of having blood come of your vagina: your period can affect your relationship in some very weird ways. And before you roll your eyes, just know that science has proven it.

Because your period brings about a big change in your hormones, it can have an effect on the way you think and feel, and your relationship isn’t exempt from that. There are some ways your period changes things that you won’t even realize (until you read this), and there are some things mentioned that might not happen to you. Still, it’s good to have a possible reason behind your behavior. A few years ago, my period and birth control pill were making me so emotional that I was fighting with my boyfriend more than usual. So, trust me, it does some funky stuff! Here are a few weird ways your period affects your relationship: 

It Might Make You Want To Break Up

According to Glamour, different parts of your cycle might make you want to break up with your partner. An expert the site spoke to says that "it's common for women to have relationship concerns right before and during their periods. But then we brush them off once we enter the follicular and ovulatory phases, which make us more attracted to our partners." According to experts, the 10 to 14 days before you get your period may make you think more about breaking up - and if it does, that means it's probably a gut feeling you've been trying to ignore. Maybe it's time to listen to it.

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You'll Kiss More

One study looked at women who were in different stages of their cycle, and asked how important kissing was to them in a relationship. The researchers found that the two weeks between when your period starts and ovulation were the time most women considered kissing most important. So, basically, you like kissing more when you have your period. Go with it!

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Your Boyfriend Might Experience Some Sort Of PMS Too

It seems like total BS that your boyfriend could feel some sort of PMS when you're the one dealing with the bleeding. But research has found that it might be true. Surveys have shown that guys feel they are more hungry or tired when their partners are going through PMS. It's been linked to Couvade syndrome, which is a psychological conditioner where men who have pregnant partners experience symptoms of pregnancy.

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Your Communication Could Suffer

If your partner is going through something, you might want to wait until the first half of your cycle to talk about it. The first half of your cycle (when you don't have your period) includes low levels of progesterone, which gives you a better ability to read the emotions of others. This means you'll listen and communicate better during that time than when you have your period.

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You'll Think About Cheating

Can your period make you want to cheat on your partner? Apparently it might. Researchers have found that during ovulation, you're more likely to check out other guys and flirt more. They also found that if you already weren't super attracted to your partner, that feeling will intensify during this time, and you'll want to hook up with someone else. Researchers say this might be because you're looking for the perfect mate to make children with, but still - your period is no excuse to cheat.

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It Might Make You Feel More Distant

One study found that your period might affect the way you feel about your partner - if you generally don't think your boyfriend is the hottest guy ever, you'll feel more distant from him when you have your period. This goes back to evolution too.

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You'll Have More Sex

If you are sexually active, chances are good that your period will make you have even more sex - yes, even if you're bleeding. Research has shown that during certain parts of your cycle, you'll feel more horny - especially when you actually have your period. It's kind of a cruel truth about getting your period - you want to have sex when you feel like you shouldn't because of the blood - but remember that period sex is totally fine... and it will probably feel great.

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Your Boyfriend Might Speak Differently

Can YOUR period actually affect the way your boyfriend acts? Uh, maybe. Studies have found that when you have your period, your boyfriend might start speaking differently. Researchers found that when guys spoke to women who were fertile, the men were less likely to mimic the way the women spoke. When the women were less fertile, the men mimicked their speech more. They didn't offer a lot of explanation, but hey - it's interesting.

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