7 Of The Most Unrealistic Prom Scenes In TV Shows

I feel like I’ve written a million posts about prom at this point, but there is just so much to say about it. Whether it’s the promposals or buying a dress, every aspect of prom is important and needs to be addressed. Even the things that probably won’t happen to you when you go to prom. I’m not saying it will be boring and terrible, since you will probably have a great time! But, your prom night will surely not be as dramatic (or deadly) as the proms you see on TV. But, trust me, that’s not a bad thing.


Sure, those special TV prom episodes are fun and entertaining, but those things are not going to happen on your prom night, even if you want them to. I’m sorry! Our favorite TV shows always give us the most unrealistic expectations about every aspect of our life, and that includes prom. It doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them, it just means that we have the be a little hesitant when watching our favorite teen shows, since they can get a little TOO ridiculous. Now sure what I mean? Take a look at the most ridiculous prom TV moments that gave you and your friends unrealistic expectations about prom. Have fun!

You Will Be Held Hostage In Your Basement, Like One Tree Hill

As a HUGE One Tree Hill fan, I will be the first to admit how ridiculous the entire show is. The nonstop drama all the time is...exhausting. But makes for great TV! Peyton's stalker just so happens to appear at her door on prom night. This probably isn't going to happen to you (I hope). The best part of the entire episode is that, even after all the drama and getting tied up by a stalker in a basement, Peyton and Brooke are still able to attend prom, where Brooke wins prom queen. Goals, am I right?

Image Source: One Tree Hill

Your Prom Won't Be Held In A Hospital, Like Grey's Anatomy

Your prom will probably take place at a semi-fancy restaurant, or your high school gym. You won't have a prom in a hospital, like they did in Grey's Anatomy. Your prom also won't feature a ton of older doctors, since that's pretty weird. And, spoiler alert, hopefully nobody will end up dying at your prom.

Image Source: Grey's Anatomy

Your Uncle Will Be There And Your BF Will Cheat On You, Like Full House

Your uncle PROBABLY isn't a semi-famous musician, so he PROBABLY won't be playing your high school prom. But, fortunately, for the sake of TV, DJ's uncle Jesse did perform at her prom. And, hopefully, your BF won't abandon you on prom night to hang with his Ex. YIKES.

Image Source: Full House

Someone Famous Will Perform, Like Degrassi

Do people really have famous musicians perform at their prom? I'm pretty sure my prom was just one 17-year-old DJ with his ipod. But on Degrassi, Natasha Bedingfield showed up to perform the classic hit "Pocketful Of Sunshine." That won't happen. Sorry.

Image Source: Degrassi

Your Prom Date Will Show Up In A Carriage, Like Degrassi

Degrassi loves to go over-the-top in everything, including prom. When Claire thinks that Eli isn't ~romantic~ enough, he shows up to bring her to prom in a horse and carriage. I'm sorry, but you don't want this to happen. Going to prom in a carriage will totally ruin your hair, anyway.

Image Source: Degrassi

You Can Crash Someone Else's Prom, Like One Tree Hill

You can't really just show up at another school's prom, but the OTH gang do it anyway. Remember when Peyton and Brooke were held hostage in a basement? That sort of ruined their pom experience, so the decided to crash a different prom. TBH, you'll most likely get kicked out.

Image Source: One Tree Hill

You'll Run Into A Murderer, Like Pretty Little Liars

Okay, Pretty Little Liars is not known for its realistic moments, but, still, this episode is wild. After getting banned from the prom, the Pretty Little Liars girls decide to go anyway (duh) and havoc ensues when Allison encounters a hooded figure. Is it A? Who knows, I can't keep up with this show anymore. They all have great dresses, though.

Image Source: Pretty Little Liars

What did you learn about prom from TV? Tell us in the comments!

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