9 Easy Tips For Cleaning Your Closet This Spring

As someone who is #SuperLazy, the thought of spring cleaning makes my stomach drop. Clean? Things? ME? Nope. Unfortunately, as I am transitioning from “confused and messy girl” to “confused and messy young woman” I learned that I need to actually take spring cleaning seriously. It really does make a difference, as much as I hate to admit it. Prepping yourself and your room for spring and summer is super important, and can really help going from spring to summer that much easier. I have already given you genius spring cleaning tips for lazy girls, but what about organizing your closet? That’s a whole different story.

I have, unfortunately, had a reputation as the person in my family with the worst closet. Even my friends know how bad my closet was. Honestly, everybody knows how truly horrible my closet used to be. I would literally throw things in there until they would form a giant mountain of clothes. There were times when I couldn’t even get into my closet because the clothes had completely taken over the closet . I kid you not, I was stuck in there for two hours once after all my stuff barricaded me in. But, eventually, I learned that even though cleaning your closet is annoying AF, there are some easy closet-cleaning tips that even lazy girls like you and me can try. Check them out below.

Are you going to use any of these tips? Tell us in the comments!

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