13 Random Things You Should Be Using As Shampoo

We all know chemicals are bad for us, but that’s honestly the nature of beauty products in America, so it’s no wonder why there are tons of DIY replacements running all over Pinterest, especially for haircare. There are actually some common household products you can straight up replace your shampoo with and your hair might be better off for it. Especially since fancy shampoo made to cure or fix what you don’t like about your hair can cost you a small fortune over time, these alternatives are also going to save you a ton of money. Some of them are even good for more than just shampoo (other than you know, eating them, of course).

I know not everyone has the patience, time, or recipe-following skills to do these DIY recipes, but they’re honestly worth a try. Besides being chemical and paraben free, they’re apparently good for you and not in a “well, it doesn’t suck way” but in a “this has changed my hair game forever” kind of way, so obviously, I had to share my finds. For whatever your hair situation, there’s something for everybody from dry shampoo alternatives to curing different hair-ailments like oiliness or dandruff. No need to go shopping either, just walk into your kitchen and stock up on your supplies. So, without further ado, these are 13 household products you should be using instead of shampoo. Thanks, Pinterest, you always have our back.

1) Green tea and olive oil to promote hair growth.



The caffeine in green tea will invigorate your scalp and allegedly promote hair growth while the castile soap cleanses and olive oil moisturizes. Sounds perfect!


2) Coconut milk to keep your pH balanced.



People who opt out of traditional shampoo often complain about the added ingredients that are actually making your hair worse by altering your scalp’s natural chemistry. Well, coconut milk (a frequent ingredient in some shampoos) with a few natural ingredients does the trick without making your hair dry and brittle.


3) Raw honey and tea tree oil for an itchy scalp.



Tea tree oil is everything! If your scalp is dry and itchy and you need some relief without irritating it further with prescription shampoo, try this instead. And don’t worry about the stickiness of the honey – it washes out easily.


4) Corn starch for a DIY dry shampoo.



You don’t have to raid your parents’ liquor cabinet for this recipe! People on Pinterest have replicated this recipe and used witch hazel instead, so don’t panic! Replacements are available, so go get your spray bottle.


5) Apple cider vinegar and baking soda for curly hair.



Allegedly this treatment is so good, you only have to “wash” your hair with this serum every 9-12 days. I’m reluctant to believe that, but people on the internet stand by this method 100 percent. Don’t zap your curly hair of it’s bounce by weighing it down with product and… I guess use this instead. If you’ve tried this, definitely let us know!


6) Black tea if you have dark hair that sheds a lot.



Literally me. Obviously, black tea is pigmented and can stain, so maybe only try this if you have darker hair or want to maintain a darker hair color and you dye it. It moisturizes your hair while removing dihydrotestosterone (aka DHT) from your scalp, which is the main cause of hair shedding.


7) If you’re a fan of shampoo bars instead, try this avocado shampoo bar recipe.



The only place I’ve ever seen a shampoo bar is Lush. Some people like them better than liquid shampoos, so if that’s you, try this DIY avocado shampoo bar recipe. Apparently it’s also amazing as a body wash and face scrub as well, so, in theory, you literally only need this one DIY replacement in your shower.


8) Mix aloe vera, coconut oil, and shea butter for a the ultimate curly hair shampoo.



Clearly, the key to keeping curly hair amazing is making sure it’s moisturized and light enough to not be weighed down. According to Pinterest, this works as both a shampoo and a daily serum you can use for maintenance in between washes.


9) Use almond oil and castile soap for dandruff.



I like this DIY recipe because it’s made by a woman who full-on went to the drugstore, found a very expensive dandruff shampoo that worked, then ingredient-for-ingredient replicated it in her home without, of course, added parabens or gross stuff. And it works!


10) Wash your hair with an egg.



Yeah, you heard me. Whites or whole egg, it doesn’t much matter. This link goes to a recipe that adds other ingredients, but there are tons of people alleging that a whole whisked egg or simply egg whites will do the trick just fine. However, you’re cautioned to use cold or cooler water rather than hot or warm to avoid an accidental hair-scramble situation. I wish I was kidding.


11) Sour cream or plain yogurt if you want to make your hair shinier.



Use it as a mask or as your main shampoo, but this treatment will both clean and brighten your hair, just make sure you wash it allllll out to avoid having dairy dry out on your scalp. Yikes.


12) Sea salt to make this amazing DIY Lush dupe.



More Lush dupes! Give us mooooore of them! Sea salt is magic, as we all know, so putting some in your hair should seem like an obvious fix… but what else do you put in it? Thankfully, someone else has figured out that recipe for you so we all can have mermaid-fresh locks.


13) Or, just plain old fashioned water!



Yeah, washing your hair with water, Aliee, real revolutionary here. Um no, dudes. Just water. As in only water. As in that’s your main shampoo. Just water. Click through to get the full rundown, but don’t use this method if your water supply isn’t stellar or if it’s full of chemicals and make sure you know how to brush all the oil out of your hair before, during, and after you use this method, but apparently this works. Crazy, right?

Have you tried any of these things as shampoo? Did it work for you? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Brande Ruiz

    Tried water only. My hair looked awful. Dry from the ears down. Oily and plastered to my scalp from ears up. Brushing, combing, etc only made it more limp and greasy, like an animal rescued from an oil spill. Pass….