7 Reasons Your High School Relationship Won’t Last In College

If you’re a high school senior in a great relationship right now, you probably only clicked on this article because you wanted something to hate read. You’re probably thinking that you and your partner–boyfriend, girlfriend, non-binary bae, whatever–are going to beat the odds, that your love is too strong to be broken up by something like college. Long distance relationships have worked before, why shouldn’t they work for you?

In your defense, you’re technically right: There are couples who have stuck together through high school, college, and beyond. I’m friends with a couple who have been dating since their prom, and they’re in their mid-20s now! But…I also just met a guy who recently went through a breakup with a girl he’d been dating since high school, after over 10 years together. Unfortunately, the latter is more common, and usually the break up happens a lot sooner than 10 years down the road. I’ve had friends who tried to make the transition from high school sweethearts into college darlings, and even though they all gave it a good shot, it ultimately failed. Yes, even when they went to the same university. These breakups don’t just happen because lust gets in the way either. Check out these seven reasons your relationship won’t last between high school and college. It’s best for you and your boo to keep on keeping on for as long as you can, but you also need to keep it real…for both of your sakes.

You Can Feel Dragged Down

This might sound callous, but college is a fresh start, and keeping that high school love interest in your life might feel comforting at first, but as you come into your own more in your new environment, that high school sweetheart might quickly start to feel like a weight from yesteryear holding you down. It's not unfair to want to break free.

Blue Is The Warmest Color

You're Going To Realize That There's A Bigger World Out There Than Your High School Bubble

Let's be real, your bae probably goes to the same school as you or at least lives in your town, right? Well, that's a pretty small pool of people to find a love interest from, and that pool gets a lot bigger in college. Whether you and your partner attend different colleges or go to the same one, you might end up meeting people that frankly interest you more than the cutie you fell for in chemistry back in sophomore year.

Some Girls

One Or Both Of You Will Meet Someone You Like...A LOT

You could have been going out with your high school boo for a couple of years and still meet someone at college who makes your heart pitter patter, so much so that you feel guilty for even feeling that way. I'm going to be frank: In a lot of ways, the heart wants what it wants, and maybe it's time for your heart (or your bae's heart) to start synchronizing with someone new. Temptation is real.

Fresh Meat

You'll Be Stressed Out About Your Relationship Far More Than You Should Be

You could have the most trustworthy partner on the planet and still over estimate every single interaction you see bae having on their Snapchat. And vice versa, maybe your partner is worried that you could be hanging out with all kinds of smart college cuties that want to hook up with you, no matter how loyal you are. At some point, the paranoia is really going to get too over the top, and when you already have to deal with the weight of starting your first year of college, that roommate who drives you up the wall, and paying for books? Who wants to stress over what bae is doing, who they're hanging out with, or whether or not they're still as into you as you're into them?


You're Going To Change, Both Of You Are

You aren't the same person you were in freshman year of high school versus senior year, right? Well, get ready for another overhaul when you start college. People. Change. And when people change, so can relationships. Yes, it's possible to maintain a relationship in spite of it, but it's really hard! When it becomes tough to find that commonality, look forward to rough waters ahead. It might be better to end a relationship after high school graduation and see if your love is strong enough to bring you back together than trying to wade through the storm.

Freaks and Geeks

Long Distance Relationships Suck, Even When You're In A Successful One

Long distance relationships are awful, which is why most people try to do whatever they can to avoid them. It's lonely, it's stressful, it's depressing, and for some, it can be tempting to find comfort (including of the sexual variety) elsewhere. I'm not saying it's okay for people to cheat in a long distance relationship, but let's be real: It's not unheard of. And even if we ignore the whole bae-might-cheat-on-me narrative, logistically, long distance relationships can be really taxing when you're a young adult who is just starting college. You can try to arrange times to hang out, have planned FaceTime calls, and all that, but it's all easier said than done. Sooner or later, one or both of you is going to stop prioritizing those phone calls, postpone that meet up, and hope that everything will be back to normal when you two reunite for winter break. Honestly, the only break that might be happening at that point is between you and your boo.

Faking It

You (Or Your Partner) Will Straight Up Lose Interest In Maintaining A Relationship Sooner Or Later

It sounds insincere to say that there's nothing personal about this, but a lot of the time...it really isn't anything personal. People fall in and out of interest with each other all the time; hobbies change, goals change, etc. And when there are more pesky factors involved like maintaining a schedule to contact each other, planning visits, etc, it's really easy to ask yourself if this particular relationship is worth all of that. You can think someone is awesome and still not want to pull all the stops to keep a certain kind of relationship going.

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Do you still think it’s silly to break up with someone before college? Tell us in the comments!

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