16 Hilarious Posts You’ll Get If You’re Emotionally Unavailable

Do you know what being emotionally unavailable means? It’s not just a ~trendy~ term teens use to describe themselves if they have issues with relationships. It’s actually a real (and common!) thing that many people can identify with. If you are emotionally unavailable, it means that no matter how much you may want a relationship, you just aren’t ready for one. You might be hooking up with a crush, but you’re not fully willing to commit. Maybe it’s because you haven’t gotten over your ex, or maybe it’s because you need to take time to figure out YOU for a while. No matter the reason, it’s okay to be emotionally unavailable. But it can get…frustrating, especially when you are trying to come out of that unavailable phase.

I don’t want to glorify being emotionally unavailable, because it’s not always a good thing. It’s really important to be in touch with your emotions and to be honest with yourself. If you ARE emotionally unavailable, you might want to figure out why, so you can work on not being that way. Maybe you are too quick to push people away, or maybe you just don’t want something too serious. Ultimately, you just have to figure out that you want. Until then, though, it’s okay to embrace your unavailability. And the best way to embrace something, IMO, is to make jokes about it. So, if you find yourself to be emotionally unavailable, take a look at these relatable posts.

1. Actually same!



2. I mean, it’s a ~lifestyle~:


3. Sometimes, you might be available in some aspects, but not others:



4. At least you’re being honest!

5. TFW you avoid all romantic interaction before it even begins:


6. When you’re livin the emotional unavailable life to the fullest:

7. When you TRY to be available and then……nope!

8. You gotta protect yourself, girl.

9. HONESTLY, it makes sense:

10. And then, when you try to break out of your shell…but this happens:



11. You just can’t help yourself!!!!

12. It’s HARD to be available all the time:
13. But when you are…it just ends badly:

14. #YEP:

15. Sums it up:
16. And then, once you actually find someone you like…you being to second guess EVERYTHING:


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