15 Little Ways To Tell Someone Has A Crush On You

There’s a fine line between someone being nice, someone acting awkward, and someone having a huge crush on you. How on earth do you tell the difference when those behaviors can all be so similar? Guessing the wrong thing could make the whole situation a lot more awkward than it has to be, which is enough to give you so much anxiety you won’t do anything about it. As we’ve established before, I’m totally clueless when it comes to people checking me out, so it should come as no surprise that it’s taken years for me to realize people had crushes on me. So, let me tell you as an expert who’s currently kicking herself about not doing anything about these crushes: there are some little signs someone has a crush on you that you should look out for.

As a disclaimer, I want to say that of course these signs aren’t totally foolproof. Everyone has different personalities, so things might come off differently sometimes. That said, there are certain behaviors that come with liking someone that are really very common. So, what should you do when you find out they *like* like you? I mean, that’s up to you! Make a move, avoid them, try to decide how you feel… whatever you want, girl. But at least you’ll know!

1) They added you on every single social media profile you own after meeting you.

I mean, this is a pretty common thing to do nowadays, but if someone adds you on EVERYTHING right away… it means they actively looked for you. All of you.


2) They’ve changed their behavior a little. 

Say you guys have been friends for a while. If they’ve recently changed their behavior around you, that could mean something is up with their feelings.


3) They just liked an Instagram of yours from months and months ago, then quickly tried to cover their tracks.

Caught ya, stalker!


4) They do random nice things for you that seem to come out of nowhere.

One time, someone made me a thoughtful mix CD with little doodles on it with a nice even mix of funny songs and romantic ones… took me until after graduation to realize it, everybody. Wise up.


5) They’ll switch up their preferences to make your life easier.

Trying to figure out where to go have dinner as a group? Cool, because they’re coincidentally *also* in for pizza instead of a diner. Furthermore, they’ll totally pick you up and drop you off just to make your life easier. How sweet and not at all indicative of their feelings towards you.


6) They remember every thing you say.

They do thoughtful things like get you your favorite candy you were craving one day because they, “Had some extra change and were walking past the vending machine anyway and just thought of you, you know? It’s no big deal.” Um, sure it’s not.


7) They notice and compliment little changes you make to your appearance.

If they’re of the opposite sex, it’s not usual that they’d clock you trying something new with your hair or getting a new outfit, but somehow, they notice it and they like it because they like you.


8) They compliment you like you’ve just met them for the first time.

This is most common with friends who suddenly realize they’re attracted to you. Before, you may as well have been siblings, but now they’re saying how cute your laugh is and treating you differently.


9) They look at you when you aren’t doing anything worth noticing.

When you’re the one speaking in a group, I’d understand why their attention would be on you, but if you’re sitting there minding your own business and their gaze shifts to you seemingly for no reason, they just wanted an excuse to stare at you.


10) They talk about you to other people, about random details in your life.

Not for any gossipy reason, but you’re always on their mind. Ever try to tell one of your friends a story about what happened to you, but this person who clearly has a crush on you already told that person? Wonder why…


11) They’ve somehow managed to tell everyone else you’re both friends with all about their love life but somehow forgot to tell you anything.

Obviously, if you have a crush on someone, you don’t want to let them know who you hooked up with at a party, that would wreck it! It’s normal to tell your friends if you’re someone who shares that stuff with them anyway, but it’s different when you have a crush on a person.


12) They ask you deep, thoughtful questions.

Where do you want to be in ten years? How’s your grandma? They heard she was sick. You were stressed about that test last week, how did it go? It doesn’t necessarily need to be deep or intense to be a tip off, but if they’re consistently thoughtful in a way that’s different and surpasses the level that you actually know this person, they’re crushing on you.


13) They text you about nothing.

Not in the annoying how are you/I’m okay kind of texting, but they’ll find any random excuse to get in touch with you. They’re sharing weird or funny videos with you, sharing little stories, sending you pictures of something they think you’d like, literally all of the little things no one would think twice about, but somehow they do!


14) They show up to support you, all the time, no matter what.

Running for student council president? They’re passing out pins and hanging up posters with you. Are you in a play? They’re there opening night with flowers. If there’s an event of great importance to you, they’re there with bells on, no questions asked. They’ll say they’re “just being a good friend” but you both know better.


15) Because it’s also worth noting, they might drop off the face of the world.

If they’re already a friend of yours and they suddenly disappear or stop hanging with you, it might not be because they’re mad at you, it could be extremely the opposite. Seems contradictory, but think about it. Not every crush is exciting and this can be a scary or awkward feeling for them. If they can’t get a grip on their crush or it hurts to be around you, they’ll stay away.

Has anyone acted this way around you? Did they have a crush on you or were they just being awkward? What went down? Tell us in the comments!

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