15 Amazing Meme Promposals That Will Make Your Whole Year

If you are in high school, chances are good that, at this point in the year, you’ve seen your fair share of promposals. (And, if not–just get ready. They’re coming.) You’ve got your Disney promposals. Your TV show promposals. Your, um, extra promposals. But it is also possible that, despite seeing all of these (admittedly attention-grabbing, usually well thought-out) promposals, you still find yourself wanting something a little…different. Something that makes you laugh. Something that reminds you of happier times, when you are on the computer and don’t have to deal with external attention. Something like, I don’t know–a meme promposal.

Just think about it. It is true that memes tend to lose all of their original humor and power the second they are manifested IRL (like, meme Halloween costumes never really pan out the way you want them to, right?) but meme promposals, for whatever reason, always seem to work in some way. So, if you love memes, and you love promposals, check out these amazing meme-inspired promposals that might just make your whole year:

1. Well, here’s Pepe:




2. Dat boi!!!




3. Dat boi with chocolate!!



4. This is…amazing:


5. This too:


6. I am scared of this but I love it!

7. How sweet!


8. Queen:


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9. This one is meta:


10. Welp:


11. I feel ill!

Adorable ???

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12. This is gorgeous:


13. Oh:


14. WOW I’m crying:


15. Someone put this on a poster!

What do you think of these promposals? Would you say yes to any of them? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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