15 Hilarious Posts You’ll Love If You Want A Boyfriend But Hate Boys

Can we be honest for a minute: boys are….the worst. I mean, sure SOME of them are fine, but, whatever. Every time I find myself seeing boys do dumb things, this gif is instantly playing in my brain:


Yes, it is tragic that Leslie and Ann are heterosexual, because boys are the worst. And yet, for some reason, strong women like Leslie and Ann are expected to “date them.” Obviously, you don’t have to date boys. You can date girls, non-binary people, or yourself, if you’re into that. But, if you tend to find yourself attracted to those of the male gender, you must understand the struggle of wanting to date someone, but not wanting to actually interact with a boy ever.

Some people might say you are being too “picky” or stubborn, but it’s okay to crave attention without ACTUALLY wanting to commit yourself to someone. Relationships are hard work, and you don’t want to start one you aren’t comfortable in, especially with a new boy.But, we can all dream, right? Take a look at these posts you’ll only understand if you want a Bf but TOTALLY hate boys.

1. Yes, men are demons:


2.But you like them anyways!!!


3. This is very, very accurate:


4. This is the only time I can relate to Umbridge:


5.You don’t have time for boys, tbh:


6.Listen…..women are allowed to change their minds!


7.Whoops, this is me:


8. Truly an appropriate meme:


9. Honestly, you might as well sleep on it. For, like, ever.


10. It’s also okay to be picky!


11. I would not suggest physical violence, but…this is relatable:


12. Bye!


13. Hello 911, get this boy away from me:


14.Gotta go!



Why do you want a BF? Why DON’T you? Tell us in the comments!

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