17 Things That Perfectly Describe You At The End Of The Semester

As you probably already know, the end of the school year is pretty hard. I mean, it’s definitely fun–the weather is warmer, fun activities and end-of-semester events start picking up again, and the stores stay open later–but in spite of that (or, perhaps, because of it) actual school becomes hard to get through.I cannot tell you why the work that seemed easy and simple at the beginning of the semester often becomes more difficult once you reach a certain point in it, but I do know for a fact that it does. No matter how many study hacks and studyblrs you look at, it’s hard to remember that you once had a semblance of motivation, let alone actually maintain it.

Anyway, if you are on this site right now, I feel safe in assuming that this–a complete and utter lack of desire to study or do, like, any work at all–is probably happening to you, too. So, whether this is but a stop on your long list of the many procrastinations you have to get done today, or the last thing you’re going to do before you swear you’re getting started on your work (if you say so, sis), check out these things that perfectly describe you at the end of the semester:

1.You start leaving YouTube comments that look like this:



2. This is you as heck:



3. Even the bare minimum begins to seem impossible:


4. You might start to get a little nihilistic on the school bus:



5. You seriously consider having conversations like this with your family:



6. Your actions say one thing, but your results say…something else entirely:



7. Every class you’re in becomes a philosophy class:



8. It takes everything you have just to stay awake in class:



9. Rare footage of you studying for your finals:


10. Rare footage of you taking the final exam you studied so hard for:



11. With this pen, obviously:



12. And who’s to blame for all this?



13. Not that knowing this prevents you from acting like…this:


14. Heh:



15. You, finishing an essay:



16. You, recognizing your fate:



17. You have a plan! You’re just don’t quite know what it is yet:


What do you think of these memes? Which one describes you best? Let us know in the comments!

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