15 Memes That Prove That There Are Only Two Genders

If you go on certain corners of the internet, you will come across a whole cohort of people who have decided, for whatever reason, that the hill they have chosen to die on is proving that there are only two genders: Boy and girl. I do not know much about these people on a personal level. But what I do know about them is that A) they are almost always straight and hardly ever not white and B) they sure do love their genders! I mean, when they aren’t deciding that two toddlers who have not yet attained object permanence, let alone a desire for a romantic relationship, are “dating” simply because they are standing next to one another, they are slapping gender-specific indicators on everything from toys to snacks to humans. If they happen find a small infant, they set some sort of dirigible balloon filled with a substance that is meant to signify gender afloat over their head, shoot at it, and hope that they hit the target–and, if not, the child simply dies.

I mean, tell me I’m wrong:

To be clear: There are more than two genders. I don’t want to get all Garlic Bread Memes on you and oversimplify the concept of gender while also shoving my beliefs about it down your throat, but I will say that New York City recognizes thirty-one, Facebook a lot more than that, and, on a personal level, most decent people will recognize that other people should feel comfortable identifying whichever way you would like to identify. So, if you want to get technical about it, gender is more or less infinite. (Go ahead and @ me if you have a problem with it!) Still, it is objectively funny to imagine what the world might look like through the eyes of someone who is obsessed with gendering everything, even though they believe they only have two genders to choose from. Check out these memes that prove it:

1. Ah, yes–Daddy and Mommy:


2. Just as the the Lord Himself intended:


3. Same:


4. Tag yourself–I’m the wimp:


5. Nature is amazing:


6. Isn’t it?


7. This is the future that liberals want:


8. Which one do you identify with?


9. Nice:


10. Oh no:


11. This one is a little rude!


12. …………K:


13. I hate this!!!


14. Has Dick’s gone too far?


15. Heh:

What do you think of this meme? Which one is your fave? Let us know in the comments!
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