8 Makeup Tips All Beauty Newbies Need To Master To Finish Off Your Look

When you first learn how to do your makeup, it can be hard to get your face to look like what you want it to look like. If you’re really trying, this can be frustrating AF. When you follow a tutorial perfectly, but your end result still looks drastically different than the beauty guru teaching it, you can start to feel a little hopeless. Here’s a secret: that tutorial probably doesn’t include some basic rules for finishing off your look that can be integral to what you’re trying to achieve. Even if you’re low-maintenance with your routine, these are still tips you can benefit from – they’ll make you look a lot more put together rather than like someone who just blindly rifled through their mother’s makeup bag.

These finishing touches tips are great for making sure your makeup is set for the day – they’ll help everything last longer without smudging or running. On top of that, they’ll make your look more *complete* and give off the vibe that you’re a professional who totally knows what you’re doing. They apply to basically any kind of routine you’re going for, and these tips are just really great to know! So, just keep this page handy, no big deal. These are eight finishing touches all makeup newbies should master and low-key look like a total professional.

Pop A Little White Shadow In The Corners Of Your Eyes And Brow Bone

A dab of white (or super light colored) eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes helps make them look much bigger and brighter. It's one of the easiest ways to get yourself looking more awake and perky. This final touch also makes the rest of your eye look pop - it gives off a nice contrast and brings the attention to your lids.

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Go Back And Clean Up Your Mascara Flakes And Eyeshadow Dust

There are so many tips and hacks on keeping your eyeshadow from dusting off and preventing eyelash flakes from getting everywhere and smudging because this happens on the regular, to everybody, across the board. So, when you're done with your makeup, go back and dust off all that excess from your cheeks. Then touch it up with foundation or whatever you're using on your skin, even if it's just sunscreen or BB cream.

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Blot Your Lips

Get that excess lipstick off your lips! It might seem weird to apply lipstick and then immediately blot some off, but it will actually make it last longer. It also prevents the color from smudging and fading because then that excess isn't smearing all over your food, glasses, or clothes. Having a slick, smeary lip that bleeds is going to make you look and feel like an amateur.

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Set Your Look With A Finishing Powder

A good powder, whether it's pigmented or translucent, will really take your makeup to a whole other level. Once you're done with your face makeup, dust on some powder to kill the excess moisture that will make your look melt all over itself. Powder really sets it all in place without zapping your skin of all it's dewiness or dimension. If your skin looks too dry and flaky, you probably used too much powder or should get a new one altogether. No need to get too intense with it, it's just a dusting, and you don't want to look like you're Marie Antoinette. Brush some on and blend, and enjoy the amazing results.

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Dust On Just Enough Bronzer To Give Your Face Dimension

Once makeup newbies hear "bronzer," they tune out because bronzer = contouring, right? Wrong. You actually don't have to look like you have a bad spray tan, like you're trying to contour, or trying to blend in a totally different skin tone into your face. All you need is to apply some just under your blush in the hollow of your cheek, on your jawline, and near your temple, and presto - your face has a whole new added dimension. It's a really unique finishing touch that all pros do as part of their everyday look, but you can totally cop this look without looking like you're trying too hard, I promise.

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For The Love Of God, Blend Your Concealer

Ah, yes. The true mark of someone who's just learned how to do their makeup is unblended concealer, or worse, concealer that's the wrong shade. Most low maintenance makeup looks suggest concealer, mascara, some lippie, and that's it - which is great news... if you know how to rock just concealer and not have something, like your foundation, to blend it into. It takes lots of practice and some trial and error, and practice makes perfect, but seriously, get this down to a science or risk looking like The Donald (the best example of unblended concealer I can think of).

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Just Learn How To Do Your Brows, Period

Nothing will transform you look and make you suddenly look like you know what the hell you're doing with your face like doing your eyebrows. Take a pencil and fill in the sparse parts of your brows with small strokes to mimic how hair might grow in. It gives your brow shape, added texture, and more definition. Treat your brows nicely and don't forget them when you do your face in the morning.

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Start Off With At Least Some Toner Or Primer On Your Face

Yeah, I know I said finishing touch and this happens before you put your makeup on, but finishing your cleanse/tone/moisturize routine in the right way is the biggest finishing touch you can give your look to make your makeup look more polished and near-perfect. Toner that doesn't diminish your skin's moisture as well as a good, lightweight primer will make all the rest of your makeup stay on for longer, stay where you want it, and get it to do what you want it to do without doing much else. It's as simple as that. Seriously, try doing your makeup without toner or primer then do the same look with that added step. It makes a world of difference.

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Which one of these steps do you actually do? Which ones are you going to pick up? Or do you think it’s all too much effort? Let us know in the comments!

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