18 Easy DIY T-Shirts You Can Do With Only A Pair Of Scissors

I am a big Pinterest fan and have frequently professed my love for it here. One of the things that I don’t like about it, however, is when hacks are classified as “simple” or “quick” and they involve about 20 different supplies and 40 steps. I’m not sure where that would be classified as easy, but it’s definitely not in my world.

If you’re like me and you’re looking for DIYs that are genuinely simple and suitable for crafting newbies, T-shirt customization is great. If you’re thinking, “That’s great, but I can’t sew,” fret not because some of the best T-shirt DIYs around involve nothing more than a pair of scissors and an old tee.

It really is amazing what you can do with just a few clever snips. You can turn the most basic of T-shirts into a shredded masterpiece. If you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Check out 18 different T-shirt DIYs that you can do with just a pair of scissors.

1. It’s all about the back with this tee. The different shaped cutouts add even more dimension to the look.



2. It’s festival season and it will be summer before you know it. Therefore, you will get a lot of wear out of this peace sign tee.



3. Fringed arms plus a fringed hems equals the perfect summer tee. Try knotting random pieces of fringe for a fun look.



4. It’s too bad you won’t actually be able to see this skull design. When you draw a template first, it’s actually a cinch to copy.



5. This might look complicated, but all you’re doing is cutting basic fringing then attaching different pieces together at different points by tying them in knots. Simple, right?



6. That neckline though. It works with the fun Ninja Turtles print, but also imagine what this design would be like on a plain tee.



7. Forget the bra top, this beaded fringe T-shirt is where it’s at. I’m sure you have some old beads laying around the house that you can use for this.



8. It’s all about that neckline. You might think this is two pieces but the secret is that it’s actually a cutout. The neck band is still attached to the back of the shirt. A choker it is not.




9. Choose an oversized T-shirt with longer sleeves so you can recreate this fringe. It’s a brilliant reminder that fringe isn’t just about hems.



10. Looking for something a bit sexy? Cut open the front of your tee to form thin strips. Then twist a few of those strips together down the center of your top to create a woven effect.



11. This is so simple, but so clever. It will take you longer to decide whether to place the triangle design as it will to actually create it.



12. Chop the sleeves off that tee and cut a few holes in the back and you have a cute workout tee that will keep you cool. Note that it would look just as good when you’re not getting your fitness on.



13. Turn a basic tee into a cute T-shirt with a simple snip and a knot. Yes, it’s that easy.



14. Bored with your round neckline? Upgrade it in a flash with just a few snips. If you want to wear a fishnet top underneath your tee, go for it.



15. There’s no need to go to the store to get a new T-shirt when you can recreate the style at home using an old tee and a couple of little snips.



16. Looking to upgrade that fringe? Cut it longer then join the different sections together with knots. If you do a few rows, you get a cool basket-weave effect.



17. Yes, this is a tank top now, but the concept is too good to pass up. Plus, it did begin life as a tee. Instead of cutting deep armholes in your top, try creating multiple slits that run down the sides.




18. Cold shoulders are still one of the hottest fashion trends around, but this look takes things to the next level. You don’t see many tops like this in stores.



Have you ever customized a T-shirt? Let us know in the comments!

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