What Your Crush Really Wants, According To Their Sign

There are a lot of things in this world that we may never understand: aliens, time travel, why heterosexual couples do the things they do. But what is perhaps the most mysterious thing that none of us can truly understand is what, exactly, your crush is thinking. Do they like you? Do they hate you? Are you good enough for them? Spoiler alert: yes, but they just might not realize it. That actually might not realize what they want at all. And that’s okay! It happens. Having a crush is weird and confusing, but, luckily, your horoscope is here to help you out.

Depending on your crush’s sign, they might be looking for something in a relationship that you don’t even know about. It’s okay, I’ve put together a cheat sheet of all the things your crush wants in a GF, based on their own sign. All you need to do for this to work is to one) figure out their sign (it shouldn’t be too hard, just check their birthday on Facebook or Twitter), and two) see if your sign is actually compatible with their sign. You’ve got this! Check out what your crush REALLY wants, according to his or her zodiac sign.

What does your crush really want in a GF? Tell us in the comments!

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