15 Of The Best Responses To Being Asked For Nudes You Need To See

What is the worst possible text you can receive? Some might think it’s a “did you clean your room” text from a parent, or a “I need to talk to you right now” text from your BFF. Both of these are, admittedly, upsetting, but they are not the worst. What is probably the worst text is one that us women get time and time again is the “send nudes” text. It can come in many forms: a simple text, or a very elaborate snapchat, but one this is for certain: they are ANNOYING, and they look a little bit like this:


I don’t know why boys are SO adamant about asking for nudes, but they are. And , tbh, I don’t know any girl who likes it. If you do then that’s fine! But there is something so incredibly creepy and invasive about being asked to see a naked picture of yourself. It’s even more creepy to be asked to send it via text, where you NEVER know where it will end up. That being said, some girls have the absolute BEST responses to being asked for nudes. It’s honestly inspiring to see girls stick up for themselves instead of just giving in to guys. Plus, they are hilarious. So, check out the best responses girls have had to guys asking for nudes.

1. This girl who would not take off ANY of her 18 towels for this boy:








2. This girl who only said she would send  a pic if this guy would crack and egg on his body:

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3.  This super ~punny~ exchange:




4. This AMAZING girl who keeps sending the wrong body part:






5. This girl who just send “loading” pics that will SPOILER ALERT: never load!


6. And this one! Who also tricked her guy!


7. This makeup lover who truly knows what she’s doing:



8. Hey, the puns are a good way to avoid sending pics:


9. WOW this girl has quite the makeup selection:


10. This girl used her brother’s pic to get a creepy guy to back off! Inspiring:


11. I guess “noods” are the new “nudes:”


12. Or just ask your mom! I wonder what she’ll say.


13. You could also get a little more, uh, mean, like this girl!


14. OR send him the entire Bee Movie script!


15. Or add a very nice and detailed drawing, like this girl:


How do you react when a guy asks for nudes? Tell us in the comments!

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