16 Sneaky Hacks That Will Make School Much Easier For You

I don’t think it’s too controversial a statement to say that the last few weeks of school are, generally, a bit of a nightmare. Whether you’re in high school or college (or middle school, tbh) there’s something that happens once the weather starts getting warmer and the last day of school is in sight that makes the thought of showing up to school–let alone doing your schoolwork and studying for finals–seem nearly impossible.

This is unfortunate, because, as you probably already know, the last month or so of school is usually the most important, too. You’ve probably got final exams and paper–some that could be worth up to half of your grade–that could make or break your final GPA. What ‘s a student in a definitive studying slump to do?

Actually, there’s a lot–there are a bunch of cool, sneaky school hacks floating about on the web that can actually make being in school much easier. They won’t do your homework for you, or enlist a robot to take that one final you’ve been dreading, but they will make getting through school a little bit less of a hassle. Check ’em out here:

1. If you can’t get another person to proofread your essay, use a website that can do it for you:



2. You can also listen to your own essay to hear any potential mistakes:



3.  In fact, you should know about all the sites that will make studying easier:

4. Minimize your distractions:



5. Access your textbooks even if you don’t have it on you:



6. (You can get your textbooks on these sites, too.)

7. Find other lectures on your subject to get a new perspective on it:



8. Accidentally closed a vital tab? Try this to re-open it:

9. If you’re not getting what you need from your databases, try Google–you can get some scholarly articles from there, too:

10. In fact, check out some of these regular Google hacks that will make general information-searching easier:



11. If you’re studying a subject you hate, try going through these steps to make sure you’re actually doing it effectively:



12. Or these tips:



13. Know how to keep yourself motivated, no matter what you’re studying:

14. If you just need to memorize something, do this to ensure that it happens:

15. Remember how important it is to actually sleep–if you’re not getting some shut-eye, your grades will suffer:



16. Finally, relax. You are not your grades. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that school is the only thing that matters, but really, you’ll perform better if you aren’t constantly freaking out about it:


What do you think of these hacks? Do you have any other ones to share? Let us know in the comments!

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