7 Amazing Sex Positions Every Tall Girl Needs To Try

Okay, I’m not really “tall,” but recently, a friend of mine called me out for making a post about sex positions for short girls, but not for tall girls. Since I aim to please, I decided I would do some research on the best sex positions for all of you super tall ladies out there. I wouldn’t call myself tall or short, so I can’t speak for others who have different perspectives (literally) when it comes to sex, but it can be frustrating when there is a height difference between you and bae. The key is to use your height to your advantage. That means using your long legs to get it on with your bae.


It can be hard to actually have sex with someone shorter than you, but there are some ways to combat that problem! When having sex with someone who might be a few inches bellow you, you want to try and level the playing field as much as possible. This means having sex on chairs, sitting up, or having one of your kneel. It will really help! If you want some tips, check out these amazing sex positions to try if you are taller than your partner.

Are you going to try ant of these sex positions for tall girls? Tell us in the comments!

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7 Sex Positions For Short Girls

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