This Is What You Need To Do If You Don’t Have A Date For Prom

Way back when I was in high school (okay, fine, it was only a few years ago) I thought I was cool for being anti-prom. I didn’t go to the junior prom, and thought I was better than everybody else because of it. In reality, I was just too nervous that I wouldn’t get asked, so I made a huge deal about NOT wanting to go so that I wouldn’t be let down. When I think back on it, I really do wish I went, not because I would have gotten the chance to pick out a pretty dress and do my hair, but because I wish I had gotten to experience that with my friends. I wish I wasn’t so scared of going alone that I didn’t go at all. Luckily, not everyone deals with this situation like I did. In fact, I was so blown away by a story I read recently that I had to share – because this girl had THE ABSOLUTE BEST reaction to being single and NOT getting asked to prom.

Lily Brigley from a small town in New Jersey was a little bummed when none of her friends asked her to the prom, but she decided to make the best of it and do what any powerful, independent young lady should do: ask herself.

First, she posed with her punny meme poster:



Then, she posted her ~reaction~:



And, finally, she photoshopped herself with her “date” aka herself:



YES, GIRL. What’s the lesson here? Well, first of all, you don’t need a date to enjoy your prom. Second of all, you don’t NEED an ~epic promposal~ to make your prom experience a good one. Prom is supposed to be fun, not a frustrating contest with between who can make the most unique promposal. Third, you don’t even need to go if you don’t want to! Lily told Seventeen that she probably won’t be going to prom anyway, but, honestly, she’s much too cool for that, IMO.

What’s even better is the fact that last year, Lily and her BF supposedly broke up right before her prom, but she still managed to take a stunning prom pic, minus her date:

When you and your BF break up last minute but you still want to post a prom pic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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So, in the end, if you learn anything from Lily’s amazing prom photos it’s that one) you don’t need a date to be fierce AF at prom and two) a little photoshopping goes a long way. So, if you’re single and dreading prom, be sure to ask the one person you know will say yes: yourself. That sounds corny, I know, but taking yourself on a nice date is the ultimate form of self care. You’ve got this, girl.

Are you going to prom on the solo this year?  Tell us in the comments!

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