18 Things You’ll Only Understand If Your Parents Are Extra AF

If you are a person who has parents–as most of us are–you will probably already know that, on certain occasions, parents tend to be a little extra. Or, in many occasions, a lot extra. It’s not their fault! Every parent goes through a certain, fundamental sort of change the moment they have a child that, much like puberty or menopause, renders them a different sort of person than they were before, in that any care they might have once had for their personal sense of self manifests itself, instead, in their children.

The point here is that all parents are extra–it’s just that some parents are more extra than others. Are your parents really that extra? There’s only one way to find out! So, check out these things that you’ll understand if you, too, have parents that are truly extra AF:

1. This dad who decided to follow his daughter to college:


2. This mom who got an entire Snpachat filter for her daughter’s school election:


3. This mom who took the family dog to see the Easter Bunny:


4. (This is pretty common, actually):


5. And this mom who accidentally sent their poor, poor dog to a furry convention:


6. This mom who LITERALLY DRESSED UP LIKE HER SON for Halloween:


7. This dad who lay down some solid rules for any potential suitors for his daughter:



8. This mom who makes a li’l plate for the family dog whenever they eat dinner:


9. This mom who loves memes:


10. This mom who accidentally peed on the floor:


11. These parents who know just how to immortalize their love for their dog:


12. This mom who, um, love storage:


13. This mom who showed up at her son’s school when he did the “hell challenge:”



14. This dad who put this rude-ass Zodiac Killer sticker on the back of his child’s car:


15. This mom who sent her car salesperson some full-body selfies:


16. This mom who is accepting of all religions that the family cat may wish to pursue:



17. This, um, not very wholesome dad:


18. And, finally, this mom with a perspective on life that we should all be emulating:


Do you relate to any of these posts? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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