7 Things To Do If You Start Getting Grey Hair In Your Teens

When you think of grey hair, you probably think of either your grandparents or that one very cool chick who can pull it off like a pro (I, personally, think of Samantha Ravndahl, a YouTube beauty vlogger who made me want to dye my own hair grey when she did this). Chances are good that you don’t think of, say, your best friend, or the girl in your math class. Going grey is something that is supposed to happen when you’re in your 30s and 40s, not when you’re still in high school! Well, the secret is out: even teens can get grey hair, and no one tells you how to deal with it.

If you notice a grey hair or two, please don’t panic. First of all, no one is going to notice it as much as you are. Second, it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. It just means that your body has stopped producing melanin in certain strands of your hair. Third, the solution is simple: you can dye your hair! Of course, dying your hair for the rest of your life will add up quickly, so luckily, you have other options.

If premature greying runs in your family, then sorry – you can’t stop it. But if it’s caused by diet, stress, or bad habits, you can potentially stop your body from making more grey hair. Once you get over the psychological head-trip of seeing a grey hair before you can legally go to a bar, you can start to get your brain around fixing it. Take a deep breath, and start experimenting. Here are a few tips on what to do if you notice some grey hairs. Good luck!

Don't Pick Them Out

The popular phrase, "if you pick one out, two will grow in it's place" isn't true, but you still shouldn't pluck grey hairs when you see them. It's a temporary, imperfect solution, and there's no guarantee that you'll get every strand. It's painful, you can end up over-plucking, and it's a sure way to become obsessive about something you really don't have much control over.

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Get A Root Touch Up Spray

If you notice grey roots and that's it, you might want to try a root touchup spray. These sprays are ammonia and peroxide free and made for people who aren't ready to dye all of their hair. In case you didn't know, grey hairs don't just show up as a full strand, they grow in from your roots. So, instead of dying your whole head, you can just spray the offending roots for way less money and without booking a salon appointment. They blend in easily with your natural hair and stays even after you wash it. Easy, breezy.

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Take Some Vitamin B Complex

Whatever the cause of your greying hair, vitamin B (all kinds) helps your body produce more melanin. Melanin isn't just what colors your skin, it's also what gives your hair it's pigmentation. You can either eat more of it in your diet or take a dietary supplement, but keep in mind this solution is a long game. You aren't going to take a pill and wake up with no grey hair, so give it some time to work. You'll see your solution when your body starts growing less grey hair.

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Consider Getting Highlights

I'm willing to bet most of you have natural hair that is a way different color than grey. So, if you suddenly have tons of patches of grey hair but don't want to commit to a full dye job, get highlights or lowlights to bridge the gap between what your hair normally looks like and those strips of silver running through your hair. That way, when it grows in, it's already blending in instead of sticking out like crazy and you can buy yourself more time between dye jobs. A lot of people choose platinum or silver for these transitionary highlights, but you don't have to go that dramatic.

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Use Henna To Dye Your Hair

If you don't want to put chemicals in your hair, henna is good for spot treatments as well as dying your whole head of hair. You can do it at home and if you have darker hair, you can accidentally get some on your non-grey strands and not worry about it looking weird. You can order henna made for dying your hair online or at a beauty supply store and follow the instructions - it's super easy.

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Start Taking Amazing Care Of Your Hair

When you start to go grey, your hair loses it's moisture and suppleness. Basically, if you're going really grey really fast, you can potentially lose the suppleness, volume, and style of your hair very quickly as well. So, make sure you take amazing care of your hair so it stays youthful looking even though it's grandma-colored. Cut it shorter if you have to, but even if you dye it, your greying hair will still look and behave differently than the rest of your strands, so get really invested in making sure your hair is well taken care of and it'll help it blend with the rest of your hair.

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Figure Out Where It's Coming From

Oh hey there, guess what causes premature greying like crazy? Smoking! Also, poor nutrition, high stress, thyroid conditions, and a genetic predisposition, but if none of those things seem likely and you also smoke regularly, how about quitting? Other than being SO bad for you, it's going to strip your hair of it's melanin. Once you know why you're greying, it can help inform how you handle it. For some, it's a family thing, and for others... you're totally doing this to yourself, which means you can potentially reverse it very easily. Destress, eat better, consult your doctor and, hey - stop smoking.

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Are you going grey? When did you find out? Did you freak out? Let us know in the comments!

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