7 Ways To Make Tampons More Comfortable

Wearing tampons can be a huge learning curve. I mean, it’s putting a chunk of fiber into your cooch, nothing really prepares you for that when you’re 12-years-old and suddenly start bleeding out of your vagina every month. I know that in early days of my period, I hated the way pads felt, but anytime I tried to insert a tampon I felt like I was going to die. It wasn’t until about five years after my first period that I finally started wearing tampons regularly, and trust me, I still managed to bungle the process somehow!

But there are little things you can do to make tampons easier to insert and provide more comfort even after insertion. Check out these seven tips that’ll stop making tampons a thing you dread most during that time of the month; save that energy for the cramps.

Make Sure The Tampon Is Inserted All The Way

Even people who are expert tampon users make this mistake sometimes, so don't sniff at this advice! It's so painful to deal with a tampon that isn't inserted as deeply as it should be, and taking out a dry tampon? LOL BYE! So to prevent this from happening, follow this rule of thumb: If you're using an applicator, rest your fingers on the designated finger rest and make sure that your fingers are touching the outside of your vaginal opening before pressing the applicator tube, releasing the tampon.


Sit On The Toilet Slightly Differently

You may or may not know that it's easier to poop with your feet slightly elevated; think resting your feet on a short step stool. Well, you might find that it's easier to insert your tampon that way too because you'll more naturally angle the tampon downwards, toward your lower back.

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Go Down An Absorption Size

The higher the absorption, the bigger the tampon. If you're having a little trouble inserting that super absorption size tampon, you might need to size down until you get used to it, then make your way up. You'll have to change your tampon more often, but that might be a reasonable trade off for comfort.


Seriously, Stay As Relaxed As Possible

This sounds like weak advice, but seriously, it's true: Tampons are so much easier to insert when your body is relaxed. If you're feeling tense and scared, your muslces are going to clench up and work against you, making tampon insertion absolutely miserable. Whether you need to just give yourself a lot of time or use a bathroom that makes you feel most comfortable, do what you need to do to stay as chill as possible when you're putting in a tampon. It'll make all the difference in the world.

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Stick To Plastic, Curved Applicators

In an emergency, I had to buy a tampon from a dispenser in a public bathroom. To my chagrin, the tampon applicator wasn't smooth plastic, it was cardboard, and the end wasn't curved, it was a flat cylindrical opening. One word: OUCH. There are plenty of understandable reasons to avoid plastic applicators if you care about the environment, but if comfort is your primary concern, you're better off sticking to curved plastic applicator to ease insertion.


Try A Different Insertion Position

You don't have to always sit on the toilet to insert a tampon. You can place a foot on the toilet seat, squat, or even insert tampons on your back...though I don't suggest doing that in a public bathroom.

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Maybe Go Applicator Free For More Control

Ease when it comes to tampon application can be super psychological, so maybe you'll feel better about it if you have more control over the insertion. If you think this might describe you, consider using tampons without applicators.


 Do you find tampons hard to deal with? Tell us in the comments!

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