15 Of The Worst Things Real Couples Have Ever Done IRL

If you are the kind of person who spends a lot of time on the internet, you will know that, ever so often, you are forced to say one thing that is a cliche, technically, but true enough to make up for it:

How dare you make me see this with my own two eyes?

This is something you might say when confronted with, I don’t know, a too-ludicrous-to-be-true advertisement for a carbonated beverage. Or some Harry Potter memes that appear to have come straight from the depths of hell. Or, you know, a picture of a couple.

But not just, like, any couple. I assume that you love and cherish the couple photos of people you know (and like) who are in healthy, loving relationships , and take pictures not to prove that to other people, but rather because they like spending time together. No, the kind of couple that might make you rue the day youwere ever blessed with the gift of sight is the type that seems to exist only to prove to others that their relationship is an arrangement of mutual attractiveness.

It’s the worst!

So, if you feel like truly enduring the weight of the world around you today, check out these absolute worst things that real couples have ever done IRL:

1. WHERE is this man’s SHIRT???



2. To dab, perchance to dream:

Dab with babe. Keep tagging us in your #couplegoals!

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3. This yurt seems…unnecessarily public, no?

Want to be here with you

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4. This is…a lot:


5. Why is this man so mad?

One day ?❤️?tag your lover?

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6. Absolutely not:




8.Horseman, apocalypse, etc:

9. You walk into the gym and see this couple right by your favorite elliptical machine. WDYD?

Some @motivationforfitness for you all. Couples who train together remain together 😉

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10. What about this one?



11. This…does not…look safe:


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12. This seems like the “fun” type of couple that likes to play pranks in which at least one person dies:



13. A lot going on here!

This ?

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14. This is, um, rude:


15. Beware the couple that lives by this mantra:

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What do you think of these relationship goals? Which one is your favorite? Your least favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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