8 Of The Most Unrealistic Prom Moments In Movies

There are a lot of things that can be said about prom. On the one hand, it’s definitely something that most teenagers will experience at some point in their life, and many will count it as one of the best, most important young adult experiences they had. On the other hand, it can also be super stressful and overwhelming, and many people will say it’s overrated and boring. Movies make it very, very easy to feel that prom is overrated IRL, because prom moments in movies are almost always 100 percent unrealistic. I’m sorry, but it’s true. As much as you would like prom to be the “night of all nights” it will probably be… just… fine. But that doesn’t stop movies from hyping up prom night as much as they can!

I don’t want to say your prom will be terrible, because it probably won’t! You’re going to get a cute dress and have fun with your friends. But, odds are, it isn’t going to change your life. You’ll have fun, but it’s not really as big a deal as you think it is. You are most DEFINITELY not going to, say, go to prom with your parents, or end up performing a heavily choreographed dance with your entire school. Unfortunately, that’s how I always THOUGHT prom was going to be, thanks to my favorite movies I used to watch as a kid. You too, probably, had a ton of high expectations of prom based on teen movies, so, check out these things that will probably NEVER happen at prom:

You'll Be Embarrassed On Stage

You probably won't be covered in blood on stage while being named prom queen (do they still do prom queen?) and you PROBABLY won't have any telekinetic powers. But, Carrie did in Carrie, which makes for a pretty good, but very unrealistic, prom sequence of her getting smothered in blood then going on a rampage. Let's be real, nobody is that mean, right?

Image Source: Carrie (2013)

You Sing On Stage, Like In Back To The Future

There are many things wrong with the prom scene in Back To The Future, like the fact that he is going to the same prom as his mom and dad, but I won't get into that. But the most unrealistic thing (besides the whole "time travel" aspect) is the fact that Marty gets to go on stage and show off his ~guitar skills~ to the entire school. Granted, it is the 1950s and they would have been impressed with any type of 80s music, but it gave Marty his 15 minutes of fame. No offense, but you probably won't have that at your prom.

Image Source: Back To The Future

You'll Share Your Prom Queen Crown, Like In Mean Girls

Okay, this is technically about the spring fling, but I'm counting it anyway since it's basically the same thing, right? There are so many things that Mean Girls gets wrong about prom. First of all, your parents would NOT be able to just walk in and try to punish you. You also would (probably) not be allowed in if you're just wearing your mathletes jacket. And can we talk about the crown thing for a minute? There is no way that that tiny crown could be split into those tiny pieces, and I'm SICK of the movie acting like it could have! Whatever.

Image Source: Mean Girls

Your Whole School Performs A Choreographed Song And Dance, Like High School Musical 3

Apparently, in the "real world" breaking out in song and dance is frowned upon. In The High School Musical universe, though, it is fully expected. I'm not complaining, since "A Night To Remember" is a classic song, but it should never actually be sung in public.

Image Source: High School Musical 3

Your Date Will Serenade You, Like 10 Things I Hate About You

I know you WISH your promposal would be as good as Patrick's was...but there is really no way that will happen. If you're lucky, you'll get an empty pizza box, or a poster that was lit on fire. But, no, you probably won't get your very own marching band cover of "Can't Take my Eyes Off Of You." But...we can all dream, right?

Image Source: 10 Things I Hate About You

You'll Get On The News, Like In Grease

Okay, sorry, but your prom isn't that special and PROBABLY won't get on the news, like the prom in Grease did. You also probably won't have an epic school dance off with your entire grade. It is very entertaining, though.

Image Source: Grease

You'll Get Attacked By The Same Person Who Murdered Your Parents, Like Prom Night

Listen, it's not impossible that an ex-teacher of yours will escape jail to crash your prom, but it's also VERY unlikely. Prom Night took teens biggest night and crushed it into a million little pieces. Why can't we have anything nice anymore? Because they will turn it into a horror movie. It won't happen to you but, TBH, I would wait until after prom to watch this one.

Image Source: Prom Night)

A Killer Vampire Will Show Up, Like In Twilight

I'm not sure what it is about prom that makes murderers want to attend, but they do! In Twilight's case, the uninvited guest is a vampire named Victoria that watched Edward and Bella from afar. She is nice enough to leave them alone until AFTER the prom, though!

Image Source: Twilight

What is the most unrealistic prom moment to you? Tell us in the comments!

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