16 Unexpected Things You Notice During Your First Time Having Sex

The first time you do anything there are always a lot of surprises. That couldn’t be truer than with your first sexual experience.

It doesn’t matter how much you have “prepared” for it. You can have read all of the magazine sex tips, spent hours Googling what it is really like, and pestered your friends to death about the subject, and you still won’t be 100 percent prepared for what goes down. It’s only natural.

Not only will you be surprised by what exactly you need to do, you will also be surprised by the random things you notice when you’re getting down and dirty. You might have noticed some surprising things the first time you kiss someone and I’m here to let you in on a little secret: The surprises just keep on coming. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing boob stuff, you’re giving a blowjob, you’re receiving oral sex, or you’re experimenting with butt stuff.

To help you get a little more prepared for your first-ever sexual experience, check out 16 unexpected things that you will probably notice.

1. Just how bright the room is.


It’s 11 o’clock at night and all the lights are out, yet I feel like I have a giant spotlight on me. Is it possible to turn off the moon?


2. How you can feel every single hair and goose bump on your body.

Is that because I’m cold or is that from…pleasure?


3. Just how hard condom wrappers are to get open.


Why did it seem so much easier to open when we were playing around with condoms in sex ed? Do I really have to get the scissors?


4. The varying stages of bae being turned on.

I thought there was only turned on and not turned on, and nothing in between…


5. How loud the mattress springs are.

shut up

How much would it cost to be a silent mattress? Do they even exist?


6. How cold that condom is.


Where is the warming lubricant at?


7. …And how cold the lube is.

not cool gif

Seriously, why is everything so cold?


8. How your heart is pounding like mad.

peanuts hearts

Please don’t let me be one of those people who has a heart attack while getting it on.


9. Just how loud the clock is.

ferris bueller shh quiet

Since when did that clock even tick? And why am I noticing every second go by?


10. The burning pain in your thighs.

Washing Face Gif

Why did no one tell me to stretch before getting it on?


11. How weird it feels to have bae’s ribs rubbing against yours.


Can’t decide whether I like this or not…


12. That you really need to use the toilet.

need to pee

Come on, not now.


13. Just how hot random body parts are.

boobs gif

My lower back is soaked. And I need to wipe my feet on the sheets ASAP.


14. How drafty it is down there.

Hmmmm…pass the covers, please.


15. Just how cute bae’s lower eyelashes are.


It’s taken me until this moment to notice this little detail?


16. That random mark on the wall.


Why am I noticing that at a time like this? It’s barely even noticeable.


What is something that surprised you during your first sexual experience? Let us know in the comments!

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15 Unexpected Things You Notice When You Hook Up With A Girl

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