7 Crazy Ways Sex Affects Your Appearance

Everybody knows that sex can affect almost every part of you. It can make you feel happy and less stressed, it can help you burn calories, and it can even make you smarter. I know, it’s awesome. But do you know all of the random and weird ways that having sex can affect the way you look? Like, your actual physical appearance: your hair, nails, and even your skin. It sounds bizarre, but it actually makes sense. When you’re having sex, there is a whole lot of stuff happening to your body that can completely change the way you look and feel. And some of those things are actually good things.

I’m not saying you should be having sex every day in order to look good (I’m also not saying NOT to do that…you do you!) but it’s actually pretty cool to learn about all of the advantages to having sex, besides the basic ones, like being close to your partner and having an orgasm. There is a lot of stigma revolving around having a lot of sex, and it’s time that we start to let you know of all the GOOD things that can happen after you do it. So, check out these awesome ways that sex actually improves how you look, then invite your bae over for sex. Kidding (kind of).

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