16 Genius Tips On How To Keep Your Purse Organized

A purse, on its own, is supposed to keep you more organized and put together. It’s meant to hold your important items that you can’t leave the house without, and the right option can also make you look more stylish and mature. That’s what it’s meant for… but for most of us, a purse quickly becomes our dumping grounds for, uh, everything. You might start out the week with the essentials in there – wallet, phone, chapstick, etc. – but a few days in, and your handbag has become stuffed with crinkled receipts, uncapped pens, an assortment of random beauty products, old mints, and more. It happens to the best of us, which is why figuring out a way to keep your purse organized is so important.

Because I mean, really, how annoying is it to reach in there to grab your keys or some cash, only to end up moving a million things around, hoping to find the item somewhere in the mess? It’s more than annoying, and it’s also a waste of time. A neat and organized purse ensures that the things you need are always in the same place, so you can stop holding up lines at whatever cash register you’re trying to use. These tips obviously work best with larger bags, since those are the ones that tend to get the messiest, but feel free to apply them to any size. Here are some genius tips on how to keep your purse organized that will make everything else in your life feel just a little bit easier.

1. Fill your larger bag with a bunch of smaller bags.



In my experience, the best way to keep a purse organized is to fill it with tinier bags/containers that hold all the small stuff – this is especially true if you have a tote that doesn’t have pockets. Give each bag a purpose. Have one hold makeup/beauty products, have one hold school supplies (like pens and erasers), etc.


2. Buy a purse organizer to make switching bags super simple.



Of course, you can always buy a purse organizer that makes things super simple. They aren’t super expensive, and they make it so easy to switch bags.


3. Not into buying an organizer? Make one yourself.



You can also make your own purse organizer, which is a really helpful tip if you’re using an oddly shaped bag. This one is made out of an old placemat.


4. Use Ziplock bags in a pinch.



Small cloth bags are your best bet for organizing your stuff in a larger handbag, but if you’re in a pinch, use Ziplock bags. I wouldn’t use them as a long-term solution, since they can break easier and they don’t look as aesthetically pleasing, but they get the job done!


5. You can use random items around your house to hold smaller items. 



An old eyeglass or sunglasses case is great for holding small items that could easily get destroyed at the bottom of your bag. A little nail kit is a cute idea, but you can do whatever you want.


6. Make an earbud holder. 



Earbuds are so annoying to carry around because they get tangled up so easily. If yours didn’t come with a case, make your own out of an old Tic Tac box.


7. Old pill bottles are great for holding small items like bobby pins.



Another household item to repurpose as a purse organizer is an empty pill bottle. Decorate it with Washi tape and then fill it with things like bobby pins, which can easily get lost in your bag.


8. If you have a lot of cards/coupons, make this little organizer.



This is a great way to store your loyalty cards so that they don’t take up a ton of room in your wallet and are still easily accessible. It’s also great for coupons and receipts.


9. Use a clip like this one to keep your keys in one spot.



Few things are worse than digging around your bag for your keys when you really need them. Use a clip to keep them on the strap of your bag so they don’t get lost.


10. Use Ziplock bags to make an organizer for little items.



If you carry around a little emergency kit of medicine and stuff, this DIY option is a great way to keep everything neat.


11. Put all of your loyalty cards on a key chain. 



Again, keep your loyalty cards from taking up room in your wallet by clipping them together. These are super easy to sort through and won’t get lost.


12. Use an old Tic Tac box to hold tiny hair accessories.



These little boxes are actually perfect for holding and dispensing bobby pins.


13. If you’re always stressing about being stranded without the right items, make one of these little emergency kits.



Quick reminder that empty Altoid tins are great for holding any tiny item!


14. Recycle old toilet paper roll holders into a holder for cords.



Don’t let your phone cord get tangled up ever again! This is a super easy and cheap way to keep your cords neat.


15. Of course, you can also go back to using an eyeglasses case.




16. When all else fails, invest in a great bag with lots of storage.


Someone like this Legend Tote is great for busy girls who are always on the go. It has lots of little pockets for organizing, a smaller bag for little items, and a designated pocket for a laptop or tablet. It also looks super sleek and sophisticated.

Which one of these tips are you going to try? What’s your advice for keeping your handbag organized? Share in the comments!

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18 Genius Ways To Store Your Handbags

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