15 Of The Best Things Girls Have Ever Done On Tinder

Are you on Tinder? If so, there’s certainly no shame in it–in fact, in certain circles, you’d probably be in the minority if you aren’t on it. About 50 million people use the app every month, which means that Tinder’s now-ubiquitous swiping system (right if you like the person, left if you don’t) happens roughly a billion times a day. I am not currently a Tinder user myself, though in the past I have obviously used the app for my own personal creative endeavors.

Because of this, I maintain a deep fondness for both the app itself and the people who choose to use it in the ways that may not be strictly… Kosher. You know, the people who use it to con people into giving them money. Or exercise their passion for memes. Or just, you know, pretend to be a ghost on it.

Now, to be clear, anyone who joins a dating app strictly to make fun of people there who are genuinely looking for a human connection is kind of a jerk. Dating apps are a totally valid way to meet someone (if you are of age and use them safely), particularly if you’re shy, have social anxiety, or just want to get out of your usual dating circle. But, of course, if you are a woman on Tinder, it is all too likely–almost certain, in fact–that you will end up getting a message like this:


Or this:


So. It is understandable that some people have decided to, uh, fight back. So to speak. Anyway, if you are looking for some dating app inspiration, check out these genuinely awesome things some girls have pulled on Tinder:

1. This girl who used the app to add some funds to her bank account. (And got banned from Tinder for life because of it, but if you ask me, anyone who gave up their $5 for no reason in particular is the one who deserves to get banned!)

tinder4Are you on Tinder? If so, there’s no shame in it–in fact, in certain circles, you might be in the minority if you aren’t on it. An estimated 50 million people use the app each month, which means that about a billion of the app’s now-ubiquitous swipes (you know, right if you like the person you’re presented with, left if you don’t) go through every day.

2. This aspiring (and inspiring!) beet farmer:


3. This person with boobs who had a perfectly ludicrous response to an equally ludicrous conversation starter:


4. This nice Christian troll:

(I don’t know if they identify as a girl but this one was too too good to pass up.)

5. This girl who knew just how to treat the blatant racist she stumbled upon:


6. This girl who pretended to be a literal ghost and still had guys trying to get with her, which…hmmm:


7. This girl who had what might have been the only appropriate response in this situation:


8. This girl who loves the student athlete meme so much, she just had to to use it on an IRL student athlete:


9. This girl, who knows how to spot a (very obvious) catfish when she sees one:


10. This girl, who loves, um, seeds:


11. This Seinfeld lover:


12. This gorgeous dog who’s just looking for a good boy:


13. This delicious butter:


14. This girl who just wants to see her Tinder match get a good education:



15. And, finally, this girl who knew just how to celebrate her first anniversary with one of her suitors:


See you in a year!

What do you think of these Tinder trolls? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!
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