15 Awesome Promposals Inspired By Your Favorite TV Shows

If you haven’t been able to tell, we here at Gurl have prom on the brain. We’re all about the awkward promposal fails. We’re loving new, interesting prom styles. We’re not so about weird prom dress codes, but we sure do love talking about them. But, most of all, we’re into the good promposals.

Specifically? TV-themed promposals. TV is pretty much the only way to bond with someone, after all–dating, as you may or may not already know, basically involves talking about Breaking Bad and Stranger Things with someone for a few hours to determine if they might be a compatible life partner for you–so it stands to reason that it’s a pretty good promposal apparatus, too. So, check out these awesome promposals inspired by your favorite TV shows:

1. This amazing Dwight Schrute-inspired promposal:



2. This cute AF Gossip Girl promposal:


3. Which is rivaled only by this other cute AF Gossip Girl promposal:


4. This TRULY amazing Grey’s Anatomy promposal:


5. This Grey’s promposal is less elaborate, but still adorable:


6. This incredible promposal that any Bachelor Nation member will go gaga for:

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7. This Parks and Recreation promposal that I…might be obsessed with?


8. This very clever Hamilton promposal:


(Hamilton had a PBS special. Which makes it a TV show. Right?)


9. Parks and Rec is a popular promposal theme, if you were wondering:


10. And they’re all pretty great, tbh:


11. If you’re still into Scandal, this promposal is pretty perfect:


12. This promposal inspired by The Office is…adorable??


13. This American Horror Story one is just spooky enough to work:



14. If you’re a One Tree Hill stan, this promposal will be everything to you:


15. And finally, this Spongebob promposal that is really…something:

What do you think of these promposals? Would you accept any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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