7 Problems You Have That You Didn’t Know You Should See A Dermatologist About

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of a dermatologist? Skin, right? What’s next? Let me guess: Zits. A lot of people–especially teens and young adults–think of the dermatologist as the zit doctor. Breaking out all the time? Go to the dermatologist. Cystic acne? Go to the dermatologist. So on, so forth.

If you catch a bit of snark in this intro, trust, I’m not acting as if those are silly reasons to go to the dermatologist! I stand by the notion that if you have a problem with chronic zits, you should absolutely hit up a good dermatologist to see what can be done to stop them for worsening. But a dermatologist can do a lot more for you than prescribe you some cream that’ll help get rid of your pus filled breakouts, and they’re not just there to help solve other serious skin issues like psoriasis or eczema either. In fact, from hair concerns to that new mole you just found, check out these seven surprising reasons you should go to a dermatologist

Excessive Dandruff Or Hair Loss

I bet you didn’t know that dermatologists can help you with your hair woes, did you? Okay, so they can’t tell you the secret to growing long, glossy hair, and they sure aren’t going to give you highlights, but they can hook you up if you’re experiencing excessive dandruff or hair loss.


Getting Rid Of A Zit Right Before A Big Night

Okay, dermatologists aren’t miracle workers, but they can be the next best thing to one when you’re dealing with a honker of a zit and you’ve got a special event coming up. If you’re lucky, you can get an appointment with your dermatologist the day before prom, graduation, a college interview, etc and have them give that massive pimple a cortisone injection, which reduces inflammation and redness, effectively deflating cystic acne.

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Nail Issues

Whether it’s brittle fingernails that are constantly breaking or a toenail that is looking a little discolored, a dermatologist can help get down to the bottom of what’s causing these conditions. It could be anything from a simple fungal infection to an organ issue, but it’s best to know from a professional instead of using Google MD for answers.


Eye Issues

Sure, you’re meant to go to an optometrist when you experience an issue with your vision, but did you know a dermatologist can help you out with other eye ailments like conjunctivitis, pink eye, or any other issue related to irritated or reddened eyes? Neither did I. It’s all about the mucous membranes, all of which can be irritated due to skin or hair conditions. The more you know!

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You don’t have to have a problem with zits to experience discoloration in your skin, especially if you have a darker complexion. Whether discoloration is post-acne scars or sun damage, your dermatologist can provide you with treatment options that will reduce the starkness of your discoloration, maybe even for good.

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Whenever Your Mole Changes

Some of us just happen to have a lot of moles and beauty marks peppered all over our skin; I’m one of them! But please, if you notice any of your moles changing in shape, especially if the edges are super asymmetrical, you need to hit up a dermatologist ASAP. This mole could be cancerous, it could be totally benign, but it’s better to know sooner rather than later. If you spot a new mole, you shouldn’t necessarily panic, but if it starts to change, it’s time for a visit.


Textured Skin

Again, you don’t have to have a face peppered in zits to see a dermatologist. Maybe you don’t break out anymore, but your skin is super congested and bumpy. Textured skin is an annoying side effect of acne, past and present. It might seem impossible to fix, but your dermatologist can provide prescriptions for medications (topical or otherwise) that can help reverse textured skin. You can also have in-office procedures that can help you out.

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Have you been to a dermatologist before? Do you have a skincare tip that you swear by? Tell us in the comments!

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