The 15 Best Soundcloud Vs. Bandcamp Memes You Have To See Now

If you have been on the internet for a long enough time, and have even a cursory interest in music, you will almost certainly be familiar with two sites: Soundcloud and Bandcamp.  These sites, to paraphrase Shakespeare, are two houses alike in dignity, but different in name, and mainly serve as a streaming service for independent artists who don’t have an audience and are trying to build one up.

Now, I am no music journalist (OR AM I????) but even I know the distinction between Souncloud and Bandcamp. For the most part, Soundcloud appears to cater largely to rappers, while Bandcamp attract hipster-type indie artists. And that, basically, is the premise of a meme you’ve probably seen bouncing around Twitter and Instagram lately, called “Soundcloud vs. Bandcamp.” And, as far as memes go, it’s a pretty great one. So, tif you want to prove that you are a serious person who seriously cares about music, check out all of the best Soundcloud vs. Bandcamp memes that the internet has to offer:

1. Here is what many claim is the first example of the meme:


2. Since that one, the meme has blossomed:


3. Beautifully:


4. Amazing:


5. Here’s some long-awaited recognition for the James Franco vehicle Spring Breakers:


6. As you can see here, both Soundcloud and Bandcamp are projections of each other:


7. Heh:


8. I’m…


9. Shook:


10. Very accurate!


11. Here’s a deep cut (that’s a music joke):


12. Those sunglasses!!


13. Flipping the script!


14. Nice:


15. Welp. That’s enough for now, I think!

What do you think of this meme? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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