20 Ways To Wear A Tulle Skirt Without Looking Like You’re Playing Dress-Up

Tulle is the material you think of when you think about wedding veils, ballerina tutus, and prom dresses. More often than not, tulle is a special occasion type of fabric, used in a costume or something extremely fancy, so it’s kind of weird to see them pop up in stores and on Instagram in a casual way. Believe it or not, you can definitely wear a tulle skirt for an every day outfit without looking like you just dove into your little sister’s dress up box. It’s actually kind of fun to wear one of these. Who didn’t love the pouffy tulle skirt they pranced around in as a kid?

I’m not going to lie to you, any outfit that involves a tulle skirt means you’re probably going to be serving at least a little bit of ballerina realness, but it’s definitely not a bad thing. Ballerinas are cool and strong as hell! Also, tulle skirts don’t have to be that overwhelmingly feminine if you don’t want them to be. They are definitely an unexpected twist and a bold choice, and if you’re willing to take a bit of a fashion risk, you can pull them off like a style star. Here are a few ways to wear a tulle skirt and still look like a badass. A stylish badass, of course.

1) Pair it with an iridescent body suit and an edgy ballet bun.

Play up the ballerina vibes with a messy top knot and a shimmery tank top that stands out almost as much as the skirt.


2)  You can tuck in a simple, solid colored shirt for a light, breezy look that’s perfect for springtime.

No muss, no fuss. A sold colored shirt keeps things simple and comfortable, and tones down the skirt a bit.


3) Take a neutral tone tulle skirt and wear it with a chambray shirt, pearls, and patterned heels for the perfect weekend look.

A lot of people wear #denim shirts. She just wore hers like a lady. #vintagejewelry with#floral #heels #tulleskirt

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How is this just the right amount of casual and dressed up? It’s perfect for a day date.


4) Tulle skirts even go great with a sweatshirt and sneakers.

Metallic sneakers and a tucked in appearance keep this from looking sloppy.


5) What if I told you wearing a tulle skirt with a plaid button down shirt was the most popular outfit suggestion I’ve seen online?

I’m not mad! Who knew this would be such a cute look?


6) Wear a loose floral top with a midi-length tulle skirt and look like you just woke up like a forest pixie.

A floral top and strappy sandals keep this look more boho than ballerina.


7) Tulle skirts even look good with a sweater and boots, for the colder months.

Comfy add-ons make a tulle skirt work for all seasons.


8) Add a denim jacket for a bit of roughness.

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A denim jacket keeps the skirt more casual and makes a cool contrast.


9) Add ankle boots instead of something more dainty.

Heels will dress up a tulle skirt, while ankle boots keep it more low key.


10) Wear a tulle skirt with a crop top and cropped blazer to look put together af and still totally whimsical.

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This unexpected mix actually works!


11) You can make a tulle skirt look every bit like a 90’s dream by wearing it with chunky sandals and a choker.

The leather jacket and quilted leather clutch really take it to the next level, too.


12) If you’re really into making tulle punk again, rock your skirt with a frayed denim vest and combat boots.

So badass.


13) But honestly, this patched leather jacket, heels, and done-up hair and makeup might win everything.

Equal parts elegant and IDGAF *bows down*.


14) One of my favorite looks is this Easter egg-colored tulle maxi with a statement bomber.

How does anyone get to be this cool? How do we perfectly match our lip color to our skirts? Teach us your ways, and may we all always look this flawlessly styled.


15) Speaking of bombers, take a silk bomber jacket and wear it with some Adidas sneakers and a tulle skirt to look varsity-level amazing.

Love, love, love how this looks effortless but so purposely stylish at the same time.


16) If your tulle skirt is already asymmetrical, lean into it by incorporating some neon and a bold lip.

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Clearly, tulle’s best friend is a motorcycle jacket.


17) You can always keep it simple with sparkly jewelry, loose curls, a feminine top, and heels.

This is what tulle was made for. Dress it up for a unique look for a fancy event.


18) A crochet lace top and nude heels with a red lip can make a tulle skirt look dressed up without looking like you’re actually playing dress up.

How gorgeous is this look?! It’s feminine without being too cutesy.


19) Don’t even make your tulle skirt the statement piece at all and just pair it with a bold patterned top.

Tulle as a neutral wardrobe basic! Since the skirt isn’t fluffy as hell, you can pull off wearing a large floral print without looking crazy.


20) Or just go all the way and rock it with some all-over sequins and metallic heels.

‘Don’t Change To Fit The Fashion. Change the Fashion To Fit You.’

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YES, YES, YES. And if you’re still stuck on what to wear to prom, feel free to swipe this look since it’s flawless.

Would you ever wear a big pouffy skirt like this? Do you already own a whole bunch? Let us know in the comments!

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