The 7 Most Random Things Girls Do To Their Vagina

Listen up, humans with vaginas: there is no “right” way to have a vag. That being said, there are some pretty random things that you can do with said vagina that might be a little… weird. I don’t want to vagina shame, of course, because you totally should to whatever makes you comfortable. It’s your body! And you deserve to do what makes you happy. That doesn’t mean I can’t be amazed at the amount of random and weird things people do to their vaginas, right?

Again, I don’t want to to make fun of anyone. But, some of these things are a little strange, you have to admit. It’s one thing to shave your vagina, it’s another to shave the hair into different shapes. Yes, sure, if you want to do that, feel free! It’s just a out of the ordinary. But it’s also super interesting to learn about all of the weird and random things girls (or people with vaginas) do down there, at least so we can see if these things actually work, right? If you’re curious (don’t lie, I know you are), take a look at all of these random things that people ACTUALLY do to the vagina.

Have you ever done any of these random vagina things? Tell us in the comments!

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