Is It Normal To Be Turned On By Guys Masturbating?

What turns you on? I know, I know – it’s a personal question, but just answer it in your head, okay? Everyone out there is attracted to something they think is weird, when actually, it’s probably a lot more common than they might imagine. Some people might refer to that as a kink or a fetish, but I personally prefer to just call it a turn on. As long as what you’re doing/feeling attracted to is safe and legal, there’s nothing to be ashamed of! So, again, what turns you on? Or, let’s get more specific: are you ever turned on by guys masturbating?

If so, you might be embarrassed to feel that way. It comes off as voyeuristic and a little random, although honestly, I’m not sure why. Most guys are pretty vocal about their appreciation of girls masturbating, so why is it weird for a chick to get turned on by a dude masturbating? This is a safe space, everyone, let’s just discuss it! Another safe space is our boards, where girls go to talk about everything (sex, masturbating, relationships, etc).

Recently, a user came to our boards curious about how other girls feel about watching guys get it on with themselves. She said, “Watching guys get off is kind of big when it comes to our online searches, even with us who have bfs or are just dating. Is this because we are just curious about their bodies or because we just get turned on from watching it or both? I know I watched guys get off and a lot of my friends  did, before we were even interested in guys and sex. But now that I think about sex a lot it seems I like it because of both curiosity and because I get turned on from seeing a guy do that to himself. Not even going to question if I am normal or not because I think I am.”


She’s right! It’s okay to be turned on by things that you might think are really random and weird, even if you feel guilty about it. If you get all hot and bothered by the thought of your guy crush pleasuring himself, it’s probably because of a mixture of curiosity, and just, you know, your sex drive. User LadyC understands. She said, “For me, it starts with curiosity and leads to me getting aroused. I got curious after sex ed and hearing girls in school making jokes. I find anything to do with penises a turn on and lately.”

Other girls are so certain that getting turned on by guys masturbating is so normal, they feel confused about why some people even think it’s a big deal. Lizzygirl said, “I’m betting there isn’t a straight girl alive who doesn’t like seeing guys get off, whether it’s their facial expression, or [how they react to the feeling], it’s all pretty damn arousing. Especially when they’re getting off because of you.”

Some girls agree. They don’t only get turned on by guys masturbating, but they also get turned on by guys having an orgasm, even if they aren’t masturbating. Some say they like it because it gives them a sense of accomplishment, like user ardas. She wrote: “I like giving handjobs because it’s like a sense of achievement, like ‘I made that happen’. Also if he comes while with you it makes me feel sexy as he is getting off on me.”

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Some girls even like to masturbate with their partner. User jasminenewnam said, “I love it when we both masturbate together.” It’s one thing to watch someone masturbate, it’s another to do it with them. TBH, it can be a sort of bonding experience between you and your bae if you want to get it on!

The bottom line here is that if you feel weird or guilty for watching a guy masturbate, just know that you are 100 percent not alone. A lot of girls do it, and it doesn’t make you weird at all. Being curious about sex stuff is completely normal, and if something turns you on, you should embrace it!

What weird thing turns you on? Tell us in the comments!

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