18 Tips On How To Do The Glossy Eye Makeup Look Like A Pro

A lot of the beauty trends from Fashion Week runways never really make it in the mainstream beauty world. Sure, graphic eyeliner and crazy colors might look perfect on a model strutting down the catwalk in clothes that cost more than your college tuition, but in real life? They usually end up looking too dramatic or out there to actually hold up. You might see them on some bold celebrities on the red carpet, but you most likely will not catch them on the popular girl at school who sits near you in math class. They’re fun to look at, but not too realistic.

But, every once in a while, a makeup trend does make the leap from the runway to the real world. It seems that glossy eye makeup might be one of those trends. Glossy lids – which are exactly what they sound like – are supposed to be having a *moment* in the beauty world for spring and summer 2017. They aren’t totally new – they started to become a thing when face gloss became a thing – but they still feel fresh and exciting for the new season. They also fit well with the minimalist makeup aesthetic that has recently taken over. Glossy lids tend to look like you weren’t trying too hard, and can be super subtle. At the same time, they can be paired with a bright color, making a bold statement. They’re versatile!

Glossy lids might also come off as a bit intimidating, because it’s different than what we’re used to. But it’s not hard! The below tutorials and tips prove that. So, if you want to try something new this season, try these tips on how to do glossy eye makeup. It’s worth the attempt!

1. This basic tutorial shows you how to get the look:



One of the easiest ways to get the glossy lid look is to layer face oil over your neutral eye shadow. Just a dab or too of oil gives off a subtly glossy shine, and you probably already have some at home. I would advise against using olive oil or coconut oil though – that might be too oily.


2. Use Vaseline to get a subtle glossy look.



This tutorial recommends using a few dabs of Vaseline over your eye shadow for a simple glossy sheen. It’s easy to experiment with since you probably already have Vaseline, and it’s a good way to try the look if you don’t want it to stand out too much.


3. You can buy eye gloss if you don’t want to experiment. 



Of course, there are beauty brands that sell eye gloss made specifically for this reason. MAC is one of them.


4. This tutorial suggests using lip balm on your lids.



If you think glossy eye makeup looks like lip gloss, you’re not wrong! In fact, a lot of people use lip gloss on their lids to get the look. This girl used a tinted lip balm, which means you don’t need eye shadow, or you could just put clear lip gloss over your shadow.


5. This tutorial for fake glossy eyes uses shimmery shadow instead of gloss.



If you don’t want to feel sticky gloss or oil on your lids, try this tutorial, which shows you how to use a shiny/shimmery shadow to get a similar look.


6. Make your own eye gloss by mixing baby oil or lip gloss with shadow.



For longer wear, use baby oil. For something extra glossy, use lip gloss. Mix them together to apply seamlessly.


7. The below tutorial uses two kinds of glosses to get a really in depth look.



MAC has a wax-based mixer formula (right here) that works like a charm. If you want something more professional looking, try the step by step process linked to above.


8. If you want a super subtle, glossy look, skip the shadow.



To achieve this look, simply swipe Vaseline, eye gloss, or lip gloss over your lids. Add a little mascara, and you’ve got a Look going on. In this case, don’t just use an oil – it won’t have any staying power on its own.


9. Pair your glossy lids with bold lips for unexpected glamour. 



Keep your eyes neutral, but your lips bold with a deep red or berry shade. It’s kind of an unexpected mix and looks so good.


10. If you want to do something more bold, mix your brightest eye shadows with gloss.



You can’t deny that this look is mesmerizing.


11. Put gloss over an ombre type of shadow look if you want to do something really unique. 



The addition of gloss makes this already awesome look stand out even more.


12. Pink shadow and eye gloss look weirdly perfect together.



Achieve this look with a bright pink shadow with lip gloss swiped over it.


13. Add a lot of bold highlighter for a beautifully luminous glow.



If you want glowing makeup, you can’t go wrong with this look.


14. Go for something unexpected, like pastel purple. 



A light purple shade like this will look almost iridescent when layered with gloss.


15. Do a neutral pink look with this video.



The video linked about shows how to get this super pretty and subtle pink glossy look.


16. Swipe colored lip gloss over a similar eye shadow shade.



This results in a lot more color with some serious gloss.


17. Go for it with the gloss – glossy lids and lips look perfect together.



Just make sure they’re two slightly different shades that compliment each other.


18. Add a razor sharp cat eye wing for extra glam.



Here it is: your new going out look!

Which one of these glossy lid looks is your favorite? Are you going to try this trend? Let us know in the comments.

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