15 Easy Ways To Stop Stressing About School

Life is fun, busy, and unexpected. And it can also be mega stressful. A lot of the times that stress is related to school. Yeah, relationships, family, and friends can sometimes cause us to pull our hair out, but it’s often school that keeps us up in the middle night with worry.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in high school or college, there always seems to be something about school that is making our stomachs churn. It could be an upcoming test, a crappy grade, a massive essay, or the general worry about what the heck you’re going to do after school is over.

It’s important that you try to forget about those things and chill. I know it’s a lot easier to say than to actually do, but it’s key to your well-being. I’m not trying to go all cosmic and deep on you. What I’m saying is that stress doesn’t do any good for your mind, body, or even your academic performance. To help keep things in check, take a look at some simple ways that you can deal with school stress. 

1. Focus on something else.



No good can come of thinking about school over, and over, and over. So, think about something else. Anything. It can be that random rock, what you’re going to eat for lunch, or Zayn Malik’s eyes.


2. Write a to-do list.



When you have everything swirling around in your head, it can be overwhelming. However, when you break it down on paper into things you need to do each day, you will realize that it isn’t that bad. Plus, creating a plan of action will make you feel better.


3. Remember your accomplishments.



Stop for a second and think about how much you have done in your life and in school already. You did all that which means you got this, girl.


4. Put it into perspective.



Are you stressing about a particular test, exam, project, or whatever? While it might seem like a major thing right now, try to think about it in terms of the bigger picture. What does it really mean to your overall grade, school experience, or life? No, don’t think this one thing will impact everything else. It’s just a tiny thing in a massive picture.


5. Talk to someone about it who’s not involved.



Do you have a friend who’s not in your class? Or do you have an older sibling or parents who you’re comfortable confiding in? When you talk to someone who’s not involved in the situation, you’ll feel more comfortable opening up and they’ll be able to give you a fresh prospective about it because they’re not involved.


6. Try reading a book.



It can be hard to switch off from thinking about school, but when you’re reading about some intense events in a book or some juicy gossip in a magazine, your own problems can seem miles away.


7. Celebrate what you’ve already accomplished.



It might sound cheesy, but it’s worth doing because it will make you feel darn good. You can write out a list of all the things you’ve done or you can take “celebrating” literally and go treat yo’self. Go and enjoy a cupcake for all of your hard work or get that top you’ve been admiring in the shop window.


8. Go for a walk.



Run, walk, skip, jog, do whatever you want. Just go outside and start moving. You might initially find your thoughts are on school, but once you start looking at things and your heart rate gets up, you’ll feel better. And you’ll come back with a clearer head. Thanks, endorphins.


9. Get your friends involved.



You know how when your friends are stressed, you start feeling more stressed, too? Try making a pact with your friends to keep the school stress in check. It’s important that you can still confide in each other, but make it a goal that if someone is stressed, you help them instead of encouraging the stress levels. Read: Avoid being hyperbolic or blowing the whole thing out of proportion. This will help the other person and it’ll help you become less stressed.


10. Create a summer countdown.



Countdowns always make people feel good. Just think of New Year’s Eve. While it might be hard to think beyond school at this moment, it will help when you have a countdown showing how you only have a few more days to get through. Create one on paper and put it in a visible spot so you can look at it every day and feel good about how it is almost summer.


11. Have a laugh.



Go see a comedy, watch your favorite lol-worthy show, or simply laugh about how ridiculous school really is. When are you really going to use those algebra equations? And are you ever going to need to know what date that contract was signed IRL? The stuff we “need” to learn really is almost laughable. When you laugh about it, it becomes a bit less serious.


12. Chat to your teacher or guidance counselor.



I know talking to teachers and guidance counselors can be difficult, but they actually aren’t that scary. A quick chat can help clarify things you’re struggling with or it can provide you with helpful feedback. Plus, when you go to a teacher or counselor it shows that you’re being proactive and they will remember this. Trust.


13. Practice mindful thinking.



Don’t skip over this because you think I’m going all hippie dippy on you. What I mean is that when you find yourself thinking hyperbolic, wild things about school, recognize it then put an end to it. Say “stop” out loud if you have to. When you become aware that you’re stressing about school, you’ll be able to control those thoughts better with practice. That way they won’t have a chance to build up.


14. Try a soothing activity.



Grownup coloring books, Sudoku, and connect the dots books have become massive things in the last few years because they help people switch off. Don’t underestimate them.


15. Get some sleep.



When you’re tired, your emotions can go a bit funky. And when you’re run down, things can seem like bigger problems than they are. Instead of staying up late so you can “get a head start” on that project, know that you have plenty of time to do it and go and get some shuteye.


What things about school stress you out the most? Let us know in the comments!

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