15 Amazing Disney-Themed Promposals You Have To See Now

Now that it’s April, we can all agree, I think, that it is officially prom season. How does that make you feel? Scared? Nervous? Excited? I always get a little pukey myself around prom season, because it reminds me of the worst day of my life. Not prom! Prom was great! Rather, the worst day of my life was the promposal I actually got when my friend asked me to prom by buying an ad in the school newspaper. This sounds great, and definitely did have the potential to be great based on our shared interests and extracurricular activities (we were both on the paper together) but he did it by putting a blown-up picture of me next to the word “PROM?” and did not put his name down, so it looked like I was asking myself to prom.

Anyway. No matter how you or the person asking you to prom goes about it, the best thing about prom is that it allows everyone to be as extra as they might ever possibly want to be–and, of course, the pinnacle of all extra-ness falls, as we all know, in the realm of anything related to Disney. Whether it’s the movies, the channel, or the theme park itself, you can feel safe being as extra as you could ever be because, chances are, someone else has done it before, and in an even more extra way than you could ever dream of. So, if you’re looking for some ~extra~ inspiration, check out these amazing Disney-themed promposals:

1. This adorable Up promposal that breaks my heart:

????? #prom #promposal #prom2017 #prom2k17 #promdress #prommakeup #promhair #promnight

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2. This disgustingly cute Beauty and the Beast promposal:


3. (Unsurprisingly, Beauty and the Beast is a popular theme to draw upon this year):


4. But, you know what? I don’t think it ever gets old!


5. This one has LAYERS:


6. Of course, you could always just…go to Disney World to do it:

My heart right now ❤️☺️ #promposal #disneypromposal

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7. Lots of people do it:


8. In fact, one might say that it is the thing to do!


9. This Moana promposal is cool:


10. And I’m obsessed with this Disney scavenger hunt????


11. Scavenger hunts are pretty popular, actually!


12. The Bachelor is on ABC, which is owned by Disney, which means that, technically, this is a Disney-themed promposal (also, I just like it a lot):

THE BACHELOR PROMPOSAL ? @hey_its_shawn ❤ #promposal #prom2k17 #promgoals #promposed #highschool #promdate #thebachelor #prom

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13. Perhaps you’re more the Disney on Ice type?


14. This is very, very good:


15. Amazing:

What do you think of these promposals? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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