Quiz: What Kind Of Date Do You Deserve To Go On?

If you talk to an old person for a long enough time, chances are good that, sooner or later, the conversation will eventually turn to dating. Or, specifically, all the dating that they are convinced you aren’t doing. You see, there is nothing that old people like more than hating on millennials and millennial-adjacent people (i.e. you, in either the former category or the latter), whether it’s for not eating enough cereal, working too hard, or not going on as many dates as they think you should.


I hate to admit it, but the old people are actually sort of right on this one. Dating, particularly in high school and college, has more or less been phased out in favor of more casual hookups. Obviously, this isn’t all bad–going on dates in high school isn’t actually as important as, say, getting an education–but it does basically mean that, unless you are a Mormon, get asked out by a Mormon, or decide to do some 1950s cosplay (which, if you think about it,basically is Mormonism), you probably won’t be going on all that many dates when you’re in high school. Still, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll never go on a date. And, if you do decide to enter the dating world, you might as well know what you want to do. Or, to be more exact, what you actually deserve to do on your dates. So, take this quiz to find out what kind of date you actually deserve to go on. Who knows? It could actually happen one day:

Which date did you get? Do you agree that it is the type of date that you deserve to go on? Let us know in the comments!

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