8 Fictional Characters You Didn’t Know Were LGBTQ Characters

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet lately, you’ve probably noticed an increased amount of “GAY DISNEY CHARACTERS?!” posts, since, if you haven’t heard, there is an LGBTQ character in the new Beauty and the Beast movie, which I still haven’t seen (sorry). What a lot of people don’t realize is that LGBTQ characters have been around FOREVER, and it’s basically NBD at this point. That doesn’t mean it’s not important for them to be around, it’s just nothing new.

Representation is important, but it’s also important to focus on characters for other things besides their sexuality. Of course, having openly LGBTQ characters is amazing and helpful for young kids who are questioning their sexuality, but it’s also important to show that how you feel or identify isn’t other people’s business. Unless, of course, you want them to know. That’s why having LGBTQ characters whose whole story doesn’t revolve around being gay is actually really important. They aren’t just “the lesbian character” or “the bisexual one…” they are representative of people who share the same stories. Does this make sense? You shouldn’t have to define yourself by your sexuality if you don’t want to. So, here are some characters you might not know are LGBTQ to look up to.

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