15 Hilarious Grim Reaper Memes You Must See Now

If you are the type to stay up-to-date with memes (sub-headings: Meme Culture; Meme Discourse) you will probably already know that, over the past year or so, there has been a trend towards wanting to die. But, like, in a funny way. (I don’t know. 2017 is weird. I don’t make the rules.) One might say “I’m dead” upon seeing a particularly funny joke, or “let me die” if something embarrassing happens. The idea here, of course, is that you do not actually want to die, whether it’s from a funny joke or embarrassing moment,  but saying that you do is a good way to deal with the various injustices in your life in a humorous manner.

Enter the Grim Reaper meme:


As you can see, the idea here is that the Grim Reaper himself (dressed in what is tempting to falsely identify as a Dementor costume from the Harry Potter franchise, but real heads know is actually an LOTR Nazgûl robe) has been listening to your pleas for death this entire time and has come to collect its rightful due. The only problem is that you aren’t quite ready to go yet. What a lark! What a plunge! What a perfect meme for 2017! Check it out here:

1. This one hits home:


2. As does this:


3. Oh:


4. !!!!!!

Bitcccchhhhh????????. Best oneeeeee ????? #GrimReaper

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5. Who can’t relate?


6. Oh no:

Braaaaaaaa!!!?????? #grimreaper #grimreapermeme #thegrimreaper #dagrimreaper

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7. When your casual use of the urban vernacular comes to get you:

Deadass #meme #dankmemes #lol #deadassb #nyniggasbelike #newyork #ny #fight #funny #death #grimreaper

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8. This one physically hurts me:



Seriously though! #leavemealone #chainmail #goodgirlsgotoheaven #grimreaper #lol #instafunny

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10. R.I.P. The Weeknd:


11. R.I.P anyone who loves memes:


12. Some helpful advice from Death!


13. What?


14. I’m…


15. Welp. Up to you, I guess:

What do you think of this meme? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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